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  • I just tried this out on my ipad - it worked brilliantly! Well done. I would love to see a version that can do complete panoramas with vertical motion as well.

  • Great application -- would this program work with skydome images or spherical projection images? It might also make for a nice stellar constellation guide... a "StarMapApp" of sorts.

  • stemkoski Puck

    Hi everybody, thanks for your support ! ... i actually work on a way to use external bitmaps in compan360 with the "SpriteURL" plugin. It's not so obvious to keep good perfs on almost every browsers and mobiles with big sprites instead of Tiledbg but i do a lot of tests with my future release of compan360 and C2 R92 ...

    The 360? panorama of Ockley used is quite special ... it's a flat 360? horizontal bitmap ... every full 360? program i use give me sea sick when moving after 10 secs with the perpective effect on edges ! ... i don't think it was a good thing for a game engine !!!

    But yes obviously the vertical axis can be used with no problem just need to find some good free examples, don't think moving 50px up/down in Ockley was really useful.

    About spherical projection such as "little planet" etc ... it's possible ! ... some existing products ("pano(bip)") can export in html5 full 360? pre-build scene ... but no C2 plugin exist now helping doing that so it's actually not a priority for me ...

  • To great news !

    The first one, i have uploaded the last V2.0b version of Compan360 in dropbox => HERE

    This version use the ext. SpriteUrl plugin and so don't use at all webgl. Compan360 is still fast and now load the 7.8mo panorama at runtime !. I have improved compass adding NE/SE/NW/SW to always have a direction on the screen. I remove the letterbox to full support scaling and fullscreen.

    Please test it and report feedbacks !

    The second news now, i speak to fast saying actually no 3D plugin exists in C2. The well known "Juantar" create a copperlicht3D C2 plugin which required webgl but support URL loading 3D scene ! ... Seems to be a new way to go with Compan360 !


  • To give you a teaser about future Compan360 features look at this demos of the copperlight webgl engine => link


  • Compan360 v2.0c has been upload to dropbox since a few days !

    It's a update adding a little more new features.

    + Arrows keys can always be use but you can no use "WASD" (qwerty keyboard) or "ZQSD" (azerty keyboard) for moving. "Up" key press force zoom mode and "down" key press force unzoom mode.

    + When the mouse cursor is on then 25% most left part of the window a blue arrow is display pointing left because click here make you move left ... idem for right part.

    + When the mouse cursor is on the 20% most bottom part of the screen all comments are removed and autozoom on comments is disabled (idem if "touching" in this area on mobile).

    + When the mouse cursor is on the 20% most top part of the screen Compass and Map are removed (idem if "touching" in this area on mobile).

    ~ New Menu layer for future improvements coming soon such as the "discover" mode to discover the panorama automatically without doing nothing !

    ~ New tests actually done to create a specific mobile version using appMobi ... so perhaps the "Map" and the "autozoom on comments" features will be usable on this version if perfs are good ! (features disabled for mobile with actual version because creating great fps drop).

    Actually my appMobi tests are bad ... little improvements, many time spend and new bugs ... so i think is better to wait for cocoonjs to test a full features Compan360 for mobile.

    Sorry for this quite long comment for only little improvements ! ;-p

    PS : Scirra arcade version is still 2.0b


  • I like it! Nice job!

  • This just gave me some inspiration for creating things other than games with construct2. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Naelian,

    I just stumbled across this thread and what you did last year with the 360 panorama. Very cool.

    I'm a total novice with Construct 2. Could you please point me at any code that could help me figure out how to accomplish what you did with the panorama?

    Much thanks, Naelian.


  • Thanks James kalin, i no longer "play" with contruct 2 but i will try to find my old code to give you some hints ... but the most difficult is to find a flat 360? panoramic bitmap !

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  • I love 360? panorama!! another perspective makes everything so special and beautiful.

    May I which panorama software do you guys use to create 360 degree panoramas?

    I need some advice to create 360 degree panorama photos, and current my priority choice is Panorama Maker: arcsoft.com/panorama-maker

    Is that good for beginners to make panorama? Any ideas are appreciated.

  • I have been trying to wrap my brain around this for quite some time. Any chance I could some help.


  • Hi~ Does anybody keep the file(Compan360) of author????

  • Give me a few days to open dusty boxes ! ;p ... I'll put here a new link when i found a copy ;p

  • Hi naelian, Can you please share this file again, please? All links in dropbox are broken

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