Zelda 2esque platformer test

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  • After wandering away from Construct for a while and playing around with other development tools, I've come back and put together this test to sort of learn my way around the new version.

    Trying to build a platformer that feels somewhere between the later 2d Castlevanias and Zelda 2.

    I'm pretty happy with how it feels, though the graphics are obviously unfinished.

    I might flesh it out into a proper game if people are interested enough.


    (arrows move, Z jumps, X attacks, C to parry (only works at the lunging enemy) and UP to access the upgrade menu in the village)

  • Plays pretty well, I like it so far. Timing the attacks is interesting component to the game- probably the main thing that stands out to me.

  • Totally Zelda II dungeon!

  • Nice basis! It works fine even the monsters behaviors. Good controls feeling too.

    Just some issues with the elevator.

    Keep up the good work.

  • What problem did you have with the elevator?

    I know you can get stuck in the falling animation when going down, but it doesn't otherwise impact gameplay. Still need to fix it of course.

    Did you run into something else with it?

  • Ho well, its movement was strange. I think it should'nt go higher than the top floor so the hero doesn't hit the roof and fall down. And when I get out of the elevator and it is higher than the ground, sometimes it automatiquely goes down to the ground level; sometimes it stays in the air until I get close to it again.

    I don't know if I'm really clear. ^^

    Perhaps it could be easier (and for the player too) to have the elevator always going up and down with a little pause at each level. (so the player doesn't have to control it)

    But it can be boring for more than one floor situations.

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  • I actually really liked the push down elevators. It would be nice if there was some way to block. Pretty cool!

  • Superb Had to put this playing in the background

    Maybe some cooldown after taking hits.

  • I didn't realize the elevator knocks you off if you hit the celing, that definitely needs correcting.

    I do want to impliment some sort of blocking, but I'm trying to come up with something slightly different from Zelda 2, probably some sort of timed parry. Haven't figured that one out yet.

    A cool down after getting hit is next on the list of things to impliment.

  • I really liked what you have so far! The game played pretty much how Zelda 2 plays.

    There were some little quirks, but for a start you're on the right path.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more, for sure.

  • I have updated the link to include a block/parry mechanic.

    It only works on the rust colored enemy that lunges at you.

    Press C to parry, if you successfully block it you can quickly press X to riposte with a 2x strength attack.

    (only while standing until I test to see if this is where I want to go with it, if I'm happy with it, I'll implement it for crouching as well)

    I'm wanting it to block certain melee attacks and projectiles like in Zelda 2, but more timing based as apposed to the more passive shield. The riposte also gives a bit of a reward for pulling it off as well, though it might be nerfing that enemy a bit...

    Not sure if the timing is quite where I want it, but I think I like it so far, and it just begs for an enemy that can parry and riposte back at you.

  • Upgraded it further. (same link as before http://floatinghandsstudios.com/games/CBD/) There's now a rudimentary map screen where you can go to a village and upgrade your stats, including a magic stat that doesn't even do anything yet. You can also leave the dungeon at the entrance and after the boss in order to return to the map screen.

    Enemies in the dungeon now take more hits at first, as the attack can be upgraded. When defeated they drop coins to buy the upgrades.

    In the village, press UP at the box and a menu will open up, you can select a stat to upgrade for 50 coins or choose the X to cancel.

  • Great start Wogoat! Gonna be great when you get enemy sprites going in place of the blocks

  • really really nice prototype , but please dont just clone the original , try to find some improvements

  • Any specific quirks that jumped out at you?

    I know you can knock yourself off of the elevator, but I'm thrilled to know any other potential concerns, squash em now before the games gets too complicated!

    I'm wanting to make sure I've got the core mechanics down solidly, then I'm going to see how I can tweak it and put my own spin on it. Bit of a balance between the two to figure out, but response is good so far so I'm looking forward to tackling it.

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