Zelda 2esque platformer test

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  • Timing attacks is something that is an awesome concept, it has that Simon Belmont whip timing feel behind it apart from not being able to move in Castlevania. You know for placeholder art this lad has a lot of character already. I LOL at the death animation, it looked funny seeing him upside down like that

    Good stuff!

  • I miss the slight attack delay of some of those games. My first build controlled much closer to Castlevania (non-controllable jumps, much longer attack delay) but it didn't really feel right with the character design, so I loosened it up a bit and moved it closer to feeling like Zelda 2.

    Most Metroidvanias have immediate attacks, even the modern Castlevanias have it. I kinda wanted to bring that back and keep the exploration elements.

  • Lots of animation updates for the build.

    There's a very buggy village, but in the dungeon most of the hero animation and about half the enemy animations are done. Actually starting to look more like a game and less of a prototype.


    Quite happy with how this is turning out so far.

    Some of the characters:

  • It looks and feels good at this point. I love the upgrades the death animation and attack timing. I had 14 upgrades at sword and couldnt touch the boss what im doing wrong? I dont like the elevators I made hero hit ceiling with his head several times

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  • I had 14 upgrades at sword and couldnt touch the boss what im doing wrong?

    You have to hit the boss in the head or it doesn't do any damage. You can tell it works if he flashes and the red bar on the side (rudimentary boss health bar) shrinks.

    Still need to make a fix for the elevators and make an immune period after getting hit, those blobs can be surprisingly nasty if they corner you.

    And the backgrounds, I'm not very good at those so I've been stalling on starting that.

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