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  • Last year I discovered Construct 2 and I thought I could revisit my top-down-zombie-shooter-obsession with it. So I started working on this game.

    It's been a year now and the time I spend working on this game is getting shorter by each week. I really want to finish this game and somehow publish it somewhere. I think having some feedback would make this process easier and result in a better game. So far I'm the only one played and tested it. So I really need your opinions!

    Here is the link to Game: https://frosty-haibt-5ee1e5.netlify.com/

    About the game:

    It is a top down shooter. Player is limited to a small area and has to kill zombies until he/she is dead. The game-play is pretty much inspired by Crimsonland.

    I tried to keep the game as generic as possible. With a generic name and mostly generic guns and game-play. Although I tried my best to polish the graphics, sound (still working on most of them) and game play.

    You can access Dev Menu by clicking Show Dev Menu button on top right of the game screen. There are several buttons that will allow you to spawn weapons and bonuses. Also on the left side of screen, you will see some shortcut keys to spawn zombies, NPCs and other bonuses.

    You can press ESC to go back to main menu and start a new game. Also you can use Mouse Wheel to Zoom In and Out.

    Use WASD to move player and mouse to aim and shoot. Q and E to cycle weapons.

    You can access the upgrade menu by pressing SHIFT

    For anyone interested in more:

    I wanted a dark and creepy atmosphere with lots of zombies to shoot. So the darkness is part of the game. There are bonuses and upgrades that will help player see better in dark.

    Please tell me if it is too dark for you to enjoy the game play.

    Player just runs around game area and zombies spawn, getting tougher and faster. I am still working on spawn algorithm but I think it works fine for testing.

    There are 6 type of zombies, 11 different weapons and 13 bonuses that will spawn in time. Also NPCs will spawn every now and then and they will be equipped with different weapons.

    There is an upgrade menu accessed by pressing Shift. Once the game is finished, upgrades will cost points to purchase. Still working on that. (also working on the UI part of it) But for testing purposes all of the upgrades are available without points.

    Right now there is a difficulty multiplier that goes up by small amounts in time. I use it to multiply health, speed, damage and of enemies and max amount of enemies in game. You can change it in Dev Menu. At 100 things get crazy fast.

    I would like to hear your opinions about the difficulty setting.

    I still have some work to do with UI design, sound effects and need to find a fitting music. I'll keep working on them. In the meantime I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.

    It would be especially helpful if you could tell me about the FPS value that is located at the bottom right of the screen. And tell me how the game performs on your computer.

    Thank you all for your time!

  • Well it looks pretty amazing and I feel like it could be more than just wave game with points accumulator, could be expanded into so much more! I would love to see this as a mission based game mmmm. My FPS is a steady 30 on lower spec comp and 40-50 on a higher spec.

  • Thanks plinkie!

    Well I wish I had time and patience to make this game a mission based game with multiple levels. But I will try to keep the scope as small as possible. I just want it to be a decent game that people could play on arcade sites for high-score and achievements. If I can publish this that might motivate me to try and make a bigger game.

    And thanks for fps info it's very helpful.

  • this is pretty damn great, love the focus and polish!

    so what's the plan, when are you hitting steam and the appstore :)

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  • Hello! Thanks for your comment.

    With this one I'm not aiming for appstore or steam. I'll try to find an html5 portal as publisher, once I'm finished with it.

    If it works out well I'm thinking about improving this one and making it for steam.

  • dekman

    I know it's been a month.. how's the progress?

    This looks pretty dang neat. Great job on the graphics. Only thing that looks a bit odd is the stepping of the player. The legs are in certain cases on a 90 degrees angle with the players upper body. That looks really weird.

    I think the NPC thing is very awesome! It gives you the feeling you're not alone (like in every other zombie shooter) and makes it a bit more fun to fight 'together'. For a second I thought I was playing with another human player, imagine how cool that would be; to play with your friend.

    Maybe coop mode with a friend could set the game apart from others. Like you said, right now it's a bit generic and you want it to stand out if you want it to be successful. I was thinking of an app, I'm not sure which would be more difficult to pull off to achieve multiplayer; desktop or app.

    Oh, and the red blobs that fly towards you when you kill a zombie, I couldn't figure out if I was being hit or that I got a point or something. In any case, perhaps on collision have a '+10' graphic displayed top left of the player, or a blood splat if it's a hit. If you didn't already, getting late, memory failing.

    It would be a shame to see this project get stranded. I know how you feel; the project has taken a lot of your energy (kudos for working on it for a year) and it's becoming a drag.

    Hope the comments here give you that needed boost. The game looks and handles professional, you can see the effort put in. So don't let it go to waste.

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