[WIP] Diamant, a cross of RPG and puzzle

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  • Hi there everyone!

    me and my friends are making our first game for our indie studio, it's a mix between RPG and puzzle game where you can select characters and weapons and many more!

    there's not much to share right now, we just finished making first two enemies (more are planned). The core gameplay is mostly done,we're only missing several feature to be added to the gameplay.

    I think that's it for now, comments and feedback are appreciated

    thank you,

  • Would you like to elaborate a bit on what we are seeing here?

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  • oh I thought I was already clear, sorry let me explain it better

    so, it's a match-3 puzzle game where you connect 3 or more gems with your finger to crush/destroy them, and you'll deal damage to the monster everytime you do that (the more gems the stronger the attack). There are more features planned like weapons that could increase your attack power, or a bomb gem that could destroy a surrounding gems and deal more damage to the enemy

    the game's theme is "space", so we want add levels and enemies that fit the theme, like an octopus kind of alien, a space pirate, space police and so on.

    and the girl is one of star guardians that the player can choose, so there will be more characters in this game. She's like a magical girl with the power of the stars, and she will fight hard to keep peace and justice in the universe.

    her journey will start from earth where she'll fight invading aliens, and then she'll journey to the outer space to find the mastermind behind the crime.

    I hope that clears it up

  • That makes it a whole lot clearer, thank you Daggio!

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