Waterfly Octus (Ludum Dare 30)

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  • The Game:

    Octus is an octopus who has discovered the ability to swim out of the water. Now he will live many adventures in and out of water, and do what no octopus has ever done.

    More about:

    I did this game for Ludum Dare 30 in 48 hours, but I couldn't finish everything I wanted, so I'm finishing up a more polished version of the game for soon available via web and kongregate.

    You can test the game 48h game submited to ludum dare 30 here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-30/?action=preview&uid=40452

    And test a more polished kongregate version: http://www.kongregate.com/games/gillenew/waterfly-octus

    Tell me what you think about the game

  • Looks sweeeeet! Love the colours!

  • Really enjoyed it — the controls reminded me of Mega Man, in the sense that they were very precise, and felt like something I had to master if I wanted to make it very far. The game is gorgeous and I enjoyed exploring a lot. The only thing that really stood out were the "stars" i was collecting. They just felt out of place in the oceanic world. If they were my little baby octopi, I would get some story out of it. Or even if they were just starfish, they would suit the world more. Regardless, congrats!

  • procrastinator Thank you, I had to try many combinations of colors to create this palette, and I'm still trying

    brushfe Thanks for the honorable comparison, on the story I had in mind, the stars have a vital role to justify this octopus have ability to leave the aquatic environment, the little octopus is before many challenges and only the player can decide their fate :S

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  • gillenew Yep a nice harmonious colour palette is hard to achieve and you did well!

    I didn't even realise you had a playable version! I must've got mixed up with some other game that only showed screens.. plus the lack of sleep probably affected my eyesight ;p Nice little game! Love the anims on the octopus.. nice and smooth!

    BTW I found this the other day... Colour Palette Creator which looks very cool. Yet to try it myself.

  • Nice work! I managed to beat all 5 levels. I assume that's all the levels since it wouldn't let me continue past that point. I enjoyed the music, and the graphics were nicely done.

  • Just played the Kongregate version, the game is challenging.

    Also, the player octo were cute! Hoping that you made a PC or Android version of this game.

    If you made the PC version, I'll add it to my PC game list.

  • procrastinator - this website is really cool, I'll use to see what happens

    Prominent thank you, the demo version was only until level 5, but now will have more

    Tetriser thank you, I was thinking of creating a version for pc and sell through steam, what do you think?

  • gillenew - Great choice! Maybe you also want to submit it on IndieGameStand or Desura?

  • Tetriser Nice!! if I can, I'll release in many possible places, I believe this game is something I should invest my time and money to have a very good quality

  • gillenew I just got done spending some time with the kongregate version of your game and I must say, for being a quick game that is amazing. The art and the colors are fantastic and not to mention the great music. Honestly the best part is that music, it isn't over powering and fits the theme of swimming or for that matter being underwater. Bravo to you.

  • I tried the tool.. it's pretty nice but has some quirks.

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