uPrompt Teleprompter (yes, a teleprompter with C2)

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  • Several years ago, I needed a teleprompter for a project I was working on. Not finding one to my liking, I did what any coder would do, I wrote one. Because it was so simple, when I was done I released it as freeware. After 4,000 downloads in 3 days I realized I had hit on something. So, I sat down and wrote a better one and released it as shareware.

    A few months ago I completed a MAJOR overhaul and rewrote it from scratch. I'm currently sitting on that upgrade waiting to release it. Since I started working on that new version, I've had dreams of making a companion to it for Android, iOS and other platforms. But the language I program in (Delphi) isn't Android friendly.

    About 2 weeks ago, I found Construct. In those two weeks, it's been a bit of a struggle to learn it's conventions but. I have now purchased C2 and completed the first alpha of a working teleprompter. Yes, from total noob to a working teleprompter in 2 weeks. If Ashley needs a poster boy for the crazy things you can do with C2, I'd qualify. And LittleStain, this is why I needed to have HUGE text boxes. Hope it makes sense now and thanks for all the help.


    • Comletely flexible layout. It automatically adjusts to screen size and orientation.
    • Should adjust size when mobile keyboards are opened and closed (not fully tested yet).
    • I haven't found a limit to the script size. I've had scrolling text 500,000 px high and still working properly.
    • Adjustable speed and font sizes.
    • Adjustable font size for the editor.
    • The ability to use web fonts for the teleprompter.
    • A countdown timer to prepare you for the script to start scrolling.
    • A countdown clock to show you how much time is left.
    • A built-in text editor with the ability to load, save, edit and delete scripts.
    • Full screen capable.

    While it's not quite done yet, I have a test version up and running (for now, I'll take it down when I release this) for your amusement and well worded criticisms.

    Experience it live at:


    Oh and the help files aren't up yet so this'll be a good test to see if I made it intuitive.

    Note: this was written almost purely with C2 plugins. The only plugin I fell in love with and used was the CSS plugin. Made styling the buttons and boxes soooo much easier.

    If you care to test it's limits, I've pasted 50 paragraphs of lorem ipsum text from lipsum.com and... it still scrolls it.

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  • Well, since there have been a few views and no feedback, I can only assume that either everyone is speechless or they found nothing wrong with it.

    Just a quick update to let you know the power of C2 and how this app handles it, I just loaded the entire King James Bible into the editor and scrolled it on the teleprompter with the font settings at about 50%. It was rather laggy trying to process all of that moving text, but it did work.

    And a demo version can now be found in the Scirra Arcade at: scirra.com/arcade/other-gam ... -free-3711

    even though it's not a game.

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