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  • I am remaking my first game, Up Up Ubi. It is now Up Up Ubie REMIX.

    The game is being created from scratch in Construct 2 and I am adding more levels, new music, new characters to unlock, changing gameplay rules, etc.

    This game is still a work in progress, this video represents 3 days of work put into the game. I'll share progress as I go.

    Here is the original game for comparison

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  • gameplay update


  • NotionGames - It's looking good.

    What happened with getting Super Ubi Land onto Steam? It seemed like it should have been one of the first Construct 2 game to be greenlit.

    Will you put Up Up Ubi on Greenlight? You could use it to draw attention to Super Ubi Land and vice versa.

    And is it Ubi or Ubie? I've seen it as both in your artwork.

  • OddConfection Thank you. The greenlight process, I don't know where to begin with that. I'm not even sure how to get the game greenlit. Super Ubie Land is on steam. Up Up Ubie Remix will probably not be on steam.

    The name is Ubie, I just haven't updated the in-game menu options yet.

    The PC gaming world seems to be a pretty tough nut to crack. But still creating

  • NotionGames

    The greenlight process, I don't know where to begin with that. I'm not even sure how to get the game greenlit.

    Getting a game greenlit can be a lot of work and a bit of luck, especially for a small team without someone dedicated to PR.

    One of my non-Construct 2 games made it through in the third round and we spent a lot of time just trying to get word out about the game.

    Early on you had to make it into the top 10 to 20 games, but now you just need to be in the Top 75 to 100 and have a bit of buzz around your game.

    Going by the current Top 50 average, you need about 10,000+ yes votes, way less than the 50,000+ needed before. Check your item stats to see how you're doing.

    You also need to get your game out there and link to your Greenlight page as much as you can to generate buzz and get votes coming in. People won't vote if they don't see your game.

    Some of the things we did which you could try includes:

    Press Kit - put together a press kit of pictures, videos, links (especially greenlight) and information about your game so it's easy for people to report about it. The easier it is to report about, the more likely it will be reported about.

    Press releases - send a press release to as many gaming sites as you can (maybe 1 a month until greenlit, try to make it newsworthy), probably won't get on big ones like IGN but a lot of smaller ones could pick it up.

    YouTube - every video you have should link to greenlight and don't just rely on your videos, contact as many "Let's Play" video makers about giving your game a go as you can

    Social Media - tweet and share info, pics and videos about your game and get all your friends and friends of friends to do the same

    Other Retailers - try getting your game on Desura, itch.io, GreenManGaming, etc. Search for indie friendly places. They might not be as good as Steam for revenue, but they still bring in a trickle and get your game out there.

    Reviews - most reviewers tend to stick to newer games, but it wouldn't hurt to contact a few that specialize in indie games

    Greenlight - People mostly look at new stuff on Greenlight, so add Up Up Ubi as a concept and link to Super Ubie Land. Anyone who likes one will probably like the other. Also post in the Greenlight forums to announce your newly listed concept and ask for feedback, don't forget to link to Super Ubi Land there as well.

    Collections - contact all relevant Greenlight collections about adding your game to it. Super Ubi Land is already in my Construct 2 collection, try getting it in a bunch on collections that focus on platform games. You're in 21 collections, but there are over 900 with platform games in them and over 3,000 generally. If you can get in 100 collections and get just 10 votes from each, you are 10% of the way to your goal.

    Newsletter - we had 25,000+ contacts from our forum so we sent everyone a newsletter about our game and asked them to vote on Greenlight. Try putting together a contact list of your own from your website, friends, associates or just anyone who has contacted you about your game and send out a newsletter - try using Mad Mimi, you can add 2,500 contacts and send 12,500 emails (i.e. 5 newsletters) free of charge. They can always unsubscribe if they don't want the newsletter.

    Plus don't forget the Scirra forums - everyone here supports everyone else - put a link in your signature so every post you make leads people to your greenlight page

    If you spend a week just getting all that done I wouldn't be surprised in Super Ubie Land isn't in the next batch of greenlit games. It certainly seems to me to be of better quality than some of the games that got through recently.

    Apologies for the wall of text, but I hope it helps.

    Oh, so you know I'm not just talking crap, here are the stats from my game

    The PC gaming world seems to be a pretty tough nut to crack. But still creating

    Don't stop creating You make great looking games.

  • NotionGames - If you finished the game, do you plan to make it available on Android?

  • Tetriser - It's definitely coming out for Android.

    signed "the unofficial PR for NotionGames"

  • haha yes it is. I keep forgetting to check back on the forums to answer questions.

    Man. I didnt realize it is you Mike! Rhindon

  • Yup! Tis me.

    And since I've had the chance to play your demo, I'm very eager to help promote it.

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  • OddConfection That is a lot of great information and I'm sure I will reference once I get to a point where I can submit.

    Question to both of you: How important to the success of your games do you think having a built in following is? I personally don't go on Steam and browse. Most of my purchases are from games or developers I was previously following. I guess what I'm saying is, did you have a bunch of followers first or do you feel like your green-lit games were discovered on Steam?


  • sman118

    We had a small following before going on Greenlight from beta releases and sales with other retailers, which helped to get votes, but just being on Greenlight gave us great exposure and more than doubled sales on our own site. If you have a game ready for sale, the $100 Greenlight fee is definitely worth it just as a marketing expense which you should easily make back.

    Once greenlit and released on Steam, sales sky-rocketed. Around 90% of our sales have come from being on Steam and has provided enough income for our small team to keep working on the game to release expansion packs.

  • OddConfection do you have a link to your Steam/Greenlit game? I am surprised you don't follow your own advice and have a signature link

  • zendorf - my game on Steam wasn't made with Construct 2 so I thought it best not to link it here and it's already through Greenlight so doesn't need the votes, but since you asked it's Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

    One game that really does deserve some votes, and is more relevant to this topic is Super Ubie Land. It's a great platformer with beautiful artwork.

    It was the first game I added to my collection of Construct 2 Games on Steam/Greenlight. Hopefully more people on here will check out this collection and vote for the games so we can see more Construct 2 games get through Greenlight.

  • As always, the art style is awesome man!

  • Good game , keep it up

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