Super Tower Escape [Devlog]

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  • I'm currently working on a endless platformer called Super Tower Escape!



    Escape the super tower collecting power crystals along the way!

    Unlock new heroes and new towers with the crystals you collect.


    The goal is to reach the top of the tower in the shortest time while collecting as many crystals as you can along the way! Fly your escaped hero through the twisting tower dodging traps and enemies along the way.


    Created in a secret laboratory in the deepest depths of a mega tower you must escape and earn the freedom for the other trapped heroes!

    The story will be told through comic strips before and after completing a tower for the first time. After viewing they can be found on the main menu.


    The controls are designed to work well with the mouse and with touch all without on screen button/virtual gamepads.


    Fly up by clicking on the screen. Let go to drop

    Move left and right by clicking or holding anywhere on the screen. The hero will move towards that X coordinate.


    Fly up by pressing on the screen. Let go to drop

    Move left and right by tapping or holding anywhere on the screen. The hero will move towards that X coordinate.



    Each tower is broken down into levels. Each level has three floors. Each floor is selected randomly from pre-designed patterns giving the towers good replay value while still having complex level designs. The goal is to have the player replay each tower a number of times in order to get the best score while collecting crystals.

    Each tower will focus on a single new mechanic and experiment how that mechanic can be used with itself and the existing mechanics that have already been taught.

    There will be at least 10 towers available to unlock at launch.

    Traps, obstacles and enemies:

    Such traps that could be found in a tower are spikes, lasers, spinning saws, keys, security bots, security cameras and turrets. Obviously these are just possible examples


    Crystals are the catalyst used to turn a normal human super! They are also the key to unlocking more towers and heroes.

    Upon completing a tower the player will be rewarded with a huge stack of crystals. The amount is increased if the hero escapes within a time limit. This reward is there to incentivise players into completing towers instead of just playing for a floor or two.


    As mentioned, heroes are unlocked with crystals of power.

    Once unlocked, the player can choose to play as them at the start of each tower.

    Right now, heroes won’t offer any gameplay. They are merely cosmetic.

    If the hero dies while attempting to climb the tower they must restart the assent from the bottom.

    There will be at least 25 heroes available to unlock at launch.

    Heroes designed so far (still working on names and story):



    Crystals cannot be bought with real money. Instead their worth can be permanently doubled or tripled for a cost. The graphics of the crystal changes depending on its worth.

    Health Vials:

    Health vials prevent the hero from death as long as they have a one left. The hero has a maximum of 3 health vials.

    The player starts out with 3 health vials in order to soften the learning curve. Once spent the only way they can be replenished is by watching an advert from the main menu.


    I'll have more details up soon, for now I'm working a shiny new tile set!

    The core mechanics are all in place so please check out the gameplay prototype and let me know what you think!

    Also check out the graphics prototype for the latest on the new super hero theme

  • I seem to have successfully created more bugs than gameplay today!

    So I’ve had some issues with collision, and yesterday I thought I’d nailed it until today when I added some thicker wall sections to test and it just goes nuts around them. Not to mention the fact that you can actually pass through them with a little bit of force.

    An a plus note, I did add a placeholder background and changed some colours about just to make it a little nicer to look at haha

    Check out the latest build here:

    Also, if your interested, check out the .capx here: ... .capx?dl=0

    Maybe you can help me find a way to fix it.

  • Collision bug fixed thanks to LittleStain and jobel

    Next step is to prototype the randomly generated sections!

  • Small update big progress!

    Got a very rough prototype for spawning pre built floor sections in super tower escape. Not got a preview ready yet, though by tomorrow I should!

    Also made some quick test assets so it was a little nicer to look at

  • The Super Tower Escape prototype is almost complete!

    The mechanics behind the random floor generation are all in place. Now each floor is built from a randomly selected layout. For now there are only 3, but the idea is to have allot more in the final build and each tower will have its own theme/mechanic focus.

    Coin counter! How many coins can you collect before you pop? Though the final goal will be to escape the tower, for now it gives the prototype a goal.

    Sfx/Extra polish. This is no way near how the final game will look but I wanted to give the prototype a little more polish as adding the coin counter just made it feel much morel like a game so why not make it look and sound like one!

    Next on the list is to design the final look, I’ll post up some designs when I have them.

    For now, let me know what you think about how it is and where its going. Any help/advice is always appreciated.

  • Just added Super Tower Escape to the arcade!

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  • Seems mechanically solid so far. I like the aesthetic so far even if they're temporary.

    Do you have plans to add enemies to the game?

  • icugigasoft thank you very muchly!

    Actually planning on taking the super a little more literal and make it super hero themed. Gives some great options for security bots and the like. Possibly a boss villian but that might be too much for the moment

  • No update for the past week as I'm on holiday but I've got some pretty cool ideas based on the super hero theme to work on when I get back.

    Just struggling with the prologue/story.

    The idea is your a super hero that must escape from a tower as quick as possible while dodging danger and collecting some kind of power crystals on rout (want to involve these in the story somehow)

    The crystals are used to unlock/release new heroes and towers. Each tower will also have its own mechanical theme.

  • Solid so far. What would be cool making the level also go diagonal or rotating while playing

  • mrnannings sweet idea thanks! I've been thinking for a wile about making the tower wider so I can put more winding paths etc in it

  • Progress on Super Tower Escape turning super!

    Still early designs and I plan on making many more. Let me know what you think

    Will work on a rough tiles set to match next

  • If you can only see the first 3 designs then check out this link for the rest


    Added some extra polish to the heroes. Also, first design for the Super Tower Escape Logo!

    Back to designing tilesets


    Speak peek of the tile set in working on so far!

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