Super Tower Escape [Devlog]

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  • More progress on the tile set that I'm working on. Decided to go in a slightly different direction.

    It still needs allot more fleshing out, but as a base tile set, the design is working for me.

    Also made a quick test project for previewing any new assets if you fancy checking it out: Just press where you want to go

    Changed the coins to crystals too. Fits the whole super hero thing allot better. Still need to come up with a story mind you...

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  • Played the concept on the Arcade! Great start! Artwork updates are looking really great as well - Keep it Up!!!

  • thank you very muchly! Hopefully I'll get some more details in the level art today!

  • Today’s progress on Super Tower Escape!

    Walls: The tower now has sides

    Shadows: Added shadows to the left and right side of the tower (with a nice overlay effect)

    Crystals: New sprite for the crystals + a juicy animation for them

    Extra details: And finally, I’ve added hanging wires and fences to break up the background a little. Still want to ad some larger set pieces though, just not sure what yet..

    Still go plenty left to do, but its slowly but surly getting there. As far as the graphics are concerned anyway.

  • Hero Details!


    The closest thing these ragtag heroes have to a leader. Hanz was first to escape. He uses his magical palms to summon arcane wizardry which allows him to fly!


    Half luchador half cannon fisted maniac. He uses an endless barrage of cannon fire to fly majestically through the air!


    Lost the plot a while ago, he now has a pair of miniguns for arms while sporting that ever popular look of top hat and no top. A volley of shells propels this unlikely hero through the air!


    She REALLY likes magnets! Using her trusty magnet she can lock onto any magnetic force no matter how far away it is giving her the ability of flight!


    Pretty much a giant wasp lady…

  • I 0hayes its really cool mechanics that game the capx of dropbox its not working can you post the capx again


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