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    SUPER Build & Play*1 is a platformer editor/game in one - like SUPER MARIO MAKER(r).

    The game status is beta and i want to post the process finishing the game.

    You are all invited to help make the game better.

    Build a game and publish it and play the level from other players.

    With the next step i will replace the current placeholder sprites with an asset that is growing from now on.

    You can follow the progress if you are interrested - i will post changes and publish the most current version until the game gets published.

    ingame control: arrow keys/wasd, space(shoot), ctrl (place dynamite)

    What done so far:

    concept book,

    programming (c2),

    programming (php, mysql) ,

    gui design,

    object descriptions,

    Arranging the gui for best use,

    level-data format,


    user registration,

    objects ingame behavior,

    sound & music,



  • To get feedback we need a video at least to see the progress.

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  • To get feedback we need a video at least to see the progress.

    You have a link to the most current game - why not give it a try.

    It's better than a video... (i will create teaser, ... with the completed new asset)

  • Incredible, it's getting really interesting.

    Is the focus mobile or PC?

  • Is the focus mobile or PC?


    With the possibility to save the levels in the 'cloud' you always have access to your (and any other published) games.

    The mobile phone (much better tablet) should have a size to handle the controls - on a 8' tablet it works like a charm (like MS paint for platformers ).

  • The new Indino-character is implemented with some animations:

    you can take a look ingame (v 0.76)

    reminer for me: have to adjust the animations speed!

  • Played the weblevel of RajeshK with the new Indino character:

  • The new outdoor bricks:

  • Here are some new pictures of the progress (gfx).

    Meanwhile i also bought some music loops - there are two styles - outside/cave.

    Would you create a level and publish it to the web? We would love to see new levels


    more to come...


  • My project SUPER Build& Play (the jump & run construction game) is growing.

    +lot of new sprites and animations

    +a new GUI, more sounds and action

    +new backgrounds with parallax effects

    +more objects to play with - but still more to come.


  • Hmmmm?

    Looks quite a bit like my Spelunker platform builder only with some different tile sets.

    I guess what they say is true and great minds think alike

  • Hahaha - so you did your own version of an editor?

    Quick job.

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