Sheepi v0.23 (UPDATED 21.07.2014)

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  • v0.23 (20.07.2014)

    Sheepi v0.23

    + Added crude parallax but is effective I think

    v0.21 (20.07.2014)

    Sheepi v0.21


    + Polished the graphics some

    + Changed to widescreen

    + New scoring system

    + Balanced the difficulty a little

    + Added bee sting death sequence (rough)

    + Changed the hiscore table around


    KEYBOARD - Left / Right arrow keys to move left / right

    TOUCHSCREEN - Press left / right sides to move left/right


    (I'll probably do some kind of comic intro to show this...)

    You play as Sheepi, the voluntary hero. Your buddies lost their woolly coats after they were bullied by the foxes.. the bees.. and even the fences! Pick up the woolly clumps to stop your buddies freezing in the winter! Each clump has to make it back to the sheep for it to count (top-right chequered sheep graphic), and you need 4 to save ONE sheep. Hit an enemy or hazard, and Sheepi will lose all the woolly clumps they collected so far (doesn't affect the number of sheep saved - which is the player's score). How many sheep can you save?? My top score is 7 :}

    Still rough around the edges. Let me know your thoughts <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    BTW you can keep up with the development of Sheepi at <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • cool, funny and nice!

    good job

    vertical movement could be smooth (accelerating/decelerating)

    restrict length of entered username to highscorelist lengh

    + an extralife object (wool? perhaps)

  • Hey thanks for trying and taking the time to give feedback!

    I thought the vertical movement was smooth enough. Will look into that thanks

    I have ideas for upgrades, but very simple ones, like wool (extra coat of wool) so we think alike there ;p, and some trainers / sneakers to move a little faster, and a couple more After initial feedback I'll probably start on those since I'm not sure of the best way to implement..

    some ideas..

    Randomly spawn every 10secs or something

    or a Shop thing spawns and moves much like the bee, so player has to get to it to spend their coins (which will also affect their hiscore) on these upgrades. Think Fantasy Zone for this one ;p


    And yes, I haven't gotten round to restricting the hiscore name length because I'm using the standard text object for all text (for testing), but am planning to replace all with the SpriteFont object. Then I'll know what's the best max length.

    What did you play it on? device? desktop? browser? Thanks.

  • played it on pc / firefox v30.0 - runs perfect smooth

    will test it on tablet tomorrow (gmt+1)

  • Ahh nice one

  • Ahh nice one

    Hi procrastinator,

    i've tested your game on my tablet.

    Unfortunately it is unplayable there because the movement of the sheep woun't work exact.

    Just every 3-4 touch moves the sheep so i died so often

  • Love It!

  • mercuryus ah damn, do you know the specs of your tablet? or at least how old it is?

    This is the reason I kept away from mobile dev for so long ;p I got it working on my ipod but it plays just like you describe.

    SHG glad you like it or love it ;p I pulled an all-nighter to work on it. Mostly worked on converting my prototype spaghetti code to something readable. I should've just rewrote it hahah but added a major feature which makes it even more challenging but still in the process of smoothing that one out.

    Should have a pretty much complete game (minus polishing) by Wednesday.

    Thanks for checking it out guys!

  • Fun game, the funny part is when the sheep die it is censored??

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  • Glad you liked haha yeah I didn't feel like animating that one due to immense laziness, and lack of skills really, but I think it turned out better than any animation I could've done, and done in a fraction of the time!

    I hate the fence death sequence. The idea sounded good, but in reality, it's just boring and doesn't fit in with the slight gory style of the others. I'll be changing that in the next update! Still got the bee death sequence to finish.. as you'll have noticed if you died from a bee collision, it just hovers around the player randomly. That's half done. I'm back and forth between a couple of ideas. The obvious one is to sting the player. Then player blows up like a balloon.. *pop*

  • mercuryus ah damn, do you know the specs of your tablet? or at least how old it is?

    This is the reason I kept away from mobile dev for so long ;p I got it working on my ipod but it plays just like you describe.


    try using Touch -

    Is in touch[/code:3izr83m0] and check the [code:3izr83m0]Touch.X-ScrollX[/code:3izr83m0] (depending on your layoutsize).
    This should fix the touch-problem.
  • I tried again today, seems it was probably lag from loading from the first time - I only tried the once. Tried again today and it's just slow and jerky. Probably running at 20fps or something. Should add FPS debug text to check that but it's low priority for me since it works on my samsung smoothly ;p

    As for ScrollX suggestion.. I'm not actually scrolling through the layout (layout is 480x320). I'm creating the illusion of scrolling by creating the objects just offscreen and using the bullet behaviour to move them across the layout

  • Worked pretty good (Nokia 1020, Windows Phone running 8.1). Touch worked well and speed was fine. Would be nice to be widescreen. I liked the elements, like Flappy Bird (sorry for the comparison but you know people are going to do that) but unique enough.

    I would suggest making it harder as you progress. Maybe don't have the fence poles initially but introduce them 4-5 screens in. Otherwise, IMHO, it just becomes an exercise in futility when you can't get much past 3 or 4 points.

    Overall fun and has potential. Good job!

  • Its too hard lol.

  • bsimser thanks for testing! Good to know another device is on the good list hahah The main reason it's 480x320 was so it basically worked for more devices, as I'd read that's the best resolution for pixelled style games, and it seemed good enough to get what I needed on screen at once. Not sure if that applies nowadays or not. I'm very new to actual mobile dev but you know how it is, you read articles and store some of that info but nothing beats practical experience. I'll mess about with widescreen at some point then, 'cause when testing it on my samsung using cocoonjs launcher, there's a huge white bar on the right side (you can even see the offscreen enemies being created there so I think I f*cked up somewhere ;p).. dunno why there isn't 2 black bars either side but I've grown used to it anyway.

    Also, as far as increasing the difficulty, it does actually increase but not sure it's enough. On my PC it's almost like it's not increasing.. seems pretty easy, but on the samsung it does get hard very fast.. guess there's timing issues to sort. Good idea about the fences. tbh I did those first and was too busy "introducing" the enemies gradually that I didn't even give those a second thought. Something always seemed off to me but never could figure out what while too busy tweaking enemies etc. Maybe it was the fences!

    In the very beginning it was very hard. You'd be lucky to get 3 points, but I guess I tweaked too much somewhere. I've added a new feature to the points system, and testing that out atm before I release the update. If it works, then people will have to have good reflexes for hiscores ;p but nothing like 3 points hiscores "hard". Although it'd be quite easy (but not sure if it'd be fun) to make that new system hard enough where people can barely get 5 points hahah

    As for the Flappy Bird reference. I'm not offended so don't worry. tbh if it wasn't for Flappy Bird I wouldn't have come up with this. I've never been a "simple game" designer. Always had tonnes of ideas to throw in prototypes. I'd start simple then throw in powerups, upgrades, shops, story etc etc and seeing Flappy Bird, made me step back and try to think with a KISS mindset (which was HARD for me ;p).. and Sheepish was born. I'm still fighting with myself to stop adding all these grand ideas to it..

    newt haha I find it easy ;p but not as easy as your game.. which reminds me.. will try shortly.. gotta eat according to my rumbling gut! Thanks for trying!

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