Sheepi v0.23 (UPDATED 21.07.2014)

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  • LOL i like it aaahhhhaha

  • procrastinator ,

    shit happens in life for good reason (i think) .

    Publish this!!!!

    You will remember me

  • Michaelb very true that!

    I do plan to publish, but not sure which way I'll go with it (ads, premium.. etc etc). That's a constant thought for me... ;p

    Been silent on the forums because I've been working on getting this to a standard where there are no bugs and gameplay is balanced enough. Quite a big update really - coming shortly. Also, polished the graphics some, changed the scoring mechanic (if you were frustrated with the one before - collect a star for a point - you'll be even more frustrated (in a fun way I hope) with this one ;p). It's not that the game is hard, but it is still quite hard to get 3+ points ;})

    I wasn't really prepared for the bug ridden aftermath that came with each big change...

  • Hm ,

    i usually do 2 versions , 1 demo as free , and one full paid.

    No advs , maybe some promoting.

  • Michaelb yeah that's probably what I'll do.. still quite a bit of work left to even release as a free demo

    Updated main post with the new version which now finally - after much procrastinating on the idea - has parallax! Couple of glitches that I'll iron out but nothing that affects gameplay at all.

  • PERFECT , i will give it a try again , this little .....

  • Nicer Game! better than before and cooler. Nice job out there! keep rolling

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  • That was a lot of fun! A lot of personality and I like the overall look of it. Also, while I thought the paralax scrolling BG worked really well, I was more impressed with the effect on the fences. NIcely done.

    One thing you might want to think about: The most satisfying part for me were the many "close calls" I had where I really had to squeeze between a couple of enemies. If the game could be aware of that and acknowledge or reward that, it might be cool. Not sure totally how you would do that. My guess would be to pin a few collision boxes around the player and if 2 or more are overlapping enemies at the same time then flash a graphic on the screen.

    Again, just a suggestion.

    Looking forward to more.

  • haha thanks guys. Glad you like the updates.

    Michaelb haha yeah you gotta get your reflex gloves on!

    Naji thanks and glad you like it

    sman118 You know, in the beginning, I did think of that because like you, I got more satisfaction from the close shaves, and I've had some of those where I felt like a reflex god! hahah I'd forgot all about that tbh! But you've done even better than reminding me... I had another little prototype which I was wondering what to do with. It's one of those tiny games that I doubt would carry itself, but is still kind of fun, and since Sheepi is a reflex game really, I think it could work. So I think after x amount of close shaves (shown with a graphic accumulator somewhere), a secret game (the other prototype) could be unlocked and that will be yet another game to get hiscores on..

    Yeah collision boxes could work.. or test for a small distance. We'll see Thanks for that!

    Another thing I did think about but not sure whether or not it's worth the effort is to have a replay feature. And rather than saving the whole playthrouigh, just the parts with the close shave or something. That's another kettle of fish though.. ;p

    Achievements have been a constant thought at the back of my mind, so maybe that'll be the next update... ;p

    Still got the boring hiscore table to tidy up a bit though... but it must be done :p

  • Those are all great ideas. I have absolutely no idea how to do Replays, but the rest should be easy enough. Good Luck!

  • Thanks mate.. gonna need it ;p

  • funny, flying foxes it looks pretty complete, the menu, the scoreboard, the only thing that bothered me is that the egg shell hits me too! because I though I would be safe if its broken.

    The motion seems to be well calculated.

    I ran it on firefox, the touch screen required 2 touches to move the sheep

  • oirad haha yeah, the eggshells were put there to catch the player out ;p

    You're the 2nd person who's had issues with the touch movement. I can't replicate that since it works flawlessly on my S3. What device did you try it on?

    Thanks for checking it out! I'll most likely return to this game and tweak a few things, then release on Google Play.. but that touch issue has to be sorted first! :}

  • a windows acer aspire with touch screen

  • procrastinator - Funny game , and cool!

    Just played on Chrome in my Lenovo netbook with an external 5:4 monitor.

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