Save the Wall - [Android Version - WIP]

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Wall Pin Board is a hyper causal game developed for fun and inspired by YouTube video whose link is given in description
  • Finally there is something that you can play! I published on Scirra Arcade the first public beta of my first game.

    PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! Really this is the link to the game.

    It's not perfect but I'm happy for what has been done until now.

    And now, some GIFs with the new things of the game

  • Actually, it is just perfect as it is! Graphics are coherent throughout. It is actually challenging too. I was worried that the backgrounds would be somewhat distracting but they do just great. Yellow is a bit strong. That you could tone down a bit.

    I got an other super challenge idea for you. Rotating walls

  • Thank

    Good idea

  • A little update.

    I changed the opening animation of the various levels. And I added an indication of the best score.

    I know it's not much. I also started trying to export to Android, but it is still early for a public link.

    Ah, I also updated the version in Scirra Arcade.

  • Update Jan. 24: my app is now available on Google Play. Urrah!

    And now, finally, I published my first game in Google Play. Ok, it's not completed but I'm so proud.

    Why don't you download and test it? Then, let me know what you think, please

  • Played, very professionally "polished" and presented.

  • Congratulations!! Doesn't it feel great?

  • Thank you HR78


    Now I have a doubt: I add a little of power ups or work at something completely different?

  • If your "hype" for the game hasn' t passed yet, you could add some powerups arkanoid-style, let' s say 3-4 of them (bigger bat, adhesive bat, slower ball and so on).

    It depens on your motivation and patience, 'till now you made a good work.

  • Now I have a doubt: I add a little of power ups or work at something completely different?

    I'd say this is a matter of philosophy. I'd strongly encourage to move on to completely something else so that you can begin fresh. That removes "mistakes" from the background of your previous game. You need to think again the things you learned in the previous game. Starting anew also forces you to reactivate some of that creative mind that you don't use while you are in the coding part of game design.

    There is also the approach of further building the previous game. I've experienced that it is not as educational as my suggestion above though.

    So I suggest moving on to something new and different. Something that forces you to learn a new aspect of Construct.

  • Thanks , I think it's good advice.

    So, I decided to stop here the development of this game. Perhaps in the future I will resume this concept, and I will add something else. But tomorrow I want to explore another kind: the platforms. I have two ideas in my head. They are not original, but I am curious to see how I can develop them.

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  • A good call Did you post Save the Wall to the completed section by the way? If not, you should do that.

    Don't worry about originality in the beginning. Most important is to learn how this and that works. I look forward to seeing your next production

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