Save the Wall - [Android Version - WIP]

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Wall Pin Board is a hyper causal game developed for fun and inspired by YouTube video whose link is given in description
  • Darkeyed

    Thank you. But something tells me that I'll end up in the spring. And then it will be out of season

    Your suggestions are really interesting. And they are also very useful. As soon as possible I will put them into practice.

    Every day I discover a new problem. Today is the Lag's Day and the CPU at 90%. Hurrah!

  • Maybe I could find a good compromise between speed in creating levels and performance.

    I like the idea of a minimal style. It is easier to create and manage. And I see it as more suitable to the style of game I want.

    Thanks taistelusopuli for yours suggestions

  • Ok, maybe we are. Level management is quite simple. Style "cartoon" seems quite suitable. But I have not yet found a background that I like.

    Now I think I can start thinking about points, leaderboards and achievements. It should be faster, I hope, because the functions of the first version should go more or less well.

    UPDATE - December 29

  • I admit: I got distracted with the game's graphics. But tomorrow I start to work on the points and objectives.

    I promise.

  • Now we are into something good here

    By the way... I'm not sure if all the gray error signs I'm seeing are supposed to be pictures but there is a bunch of them in your posts. Also in your signature has one.

  • Ach, , you are right: there is a problem with images. I loaded the gif with Google Photo, but I left the privacy settings. Now you should see.

  • Now I see everything nice and clear! The borders look good. I suggest having plain but alive image in the background. A fuzz like the bubbles might get tiresome to the eye But the borders, they look really nice now.

  • Oh, thansk

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  • I adjusted the scoring system.

    And I added a button to pause the game.

    The next step is to create a system to change from one level to another.

  • I really like the border decor you have made. Looks nice! The graphic presentation is coherent which is good

  • I'm pretty sure you can sell this game as a "Frozen" game that has nothing to do with the movie,but everyone will get.Just a suggestion for further monetization.If not I still think the winter theme as,snowflakes,snowmen,santa hats and so on would be a decent addition to the backgrounds.But even if you don't like the idea,all I have to say is,the game has gone a long way in a short time.

  • I'd be careful with that "Frozen" thing. Using copyrighted material in any way - especially to make profit - without permission from the owner of the rights is a crime. Things could go sour. Besides, it is better to create personal momentum. Riding on the hype of a big name is.. well.. lame and often doesn't build an image one would want to carry. Just saying

  • Thanks and Darkeyed

    I have not decided the name of my game. I thought of "Save the Wall", but also something like "Frosty New World" or "Frozen Pong" can be a good idea. I will think..

    I like the idea of a winter theme. In fact, I actually like the idea of having different themes for graphics: winter, summer, maybe carnival or abstract. But I'm afraid to make the game too confusing. Maybe when I finished the first version I try to do some experiments.

    Monetization. I have not idea about which model to use to monetize the game. Actually I did not even know if I will be able to monetize this game. For the moment I am concentrating on learning the use of Construct 2. Complete my first game would be a success for me. Make money? I think it isn't my priority in this project. Maybe for the next.

    Before thinking seriously about the dollars I have to figure out how to do these things:

    • manage the transition from one level to another
    • create a path or a story to increase the longevity of the game
    • scores, achievements, leaderboards
    • music and sounds

    Then, after that, I think I can start thinking about how to monetize.

  • Good call. Oh oh oh! I got an idea by the way.

    You could create a level where there was a layer covering most of the middle section. Under that layer there would/could be an indestructible object that then would possibly bounce the ball to another direction. I would be a nice challenge for those who get tired of the full vision wall saving

  • This is a really good idea. Thank you

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