[RPG prototype] Dan the Rabbit

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    Dan the Rabbit



    Click to try the early prototype



    Dan the Rabbit is a turn-based RPGprototype. It's a quick project I'm doing to get a sense of construct's coding

    system, and find some techniques to better handle complex systems. I also

    wanted to have some demo to showcase the work I do as a designer and artist.


    It is still in progress, although you can already try an early version!



      • Painterly graphics • Smooth animations with Spriter! • A cute dynamic battle system

    How to play

    The game features touch (and mouse)controls. Simply touch a button in order to interact with it!



    2014-06-13: initial post with the firstreleased iteration.


    Upcoming features

      • A richer environment with parallax • More animations! • An inventory
  • Dude, this is really impressive work. The graphics are gorgeous and the system already feels very nice and satisfying to play. Great job, will be keeping an eye on this!

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  • Talk about nice graphics, I absolutely love the water color painting feel to the backgrounds, very nice.

  • Looks beautiful! Keep at it!

  • Thank you for the kind words everyone! I'll be polishing it mostly, at least for now. I'm currently detailing the environment, and slicing it. However, I'd love to turn this into a little rhythm-based RPG when I have the time =) !

  • Really great work!

  • Once I figured out I could tap the button more than once, I kicked his butt! Awesome prototype.

  • Really nice work Valerien. Beautiful Art.

  • Couldn't check it out yet, but it looks great! Will do that later on!:-)

  • Thanks guys!

    MrGoatsnake : from the next version and on, it should suffice to make touch moves directly onto the screen.

    Beaverlicious : it's really short and limited at the moment, so you're not missing too too much =) !

    Today, I have an updated version of the background elements for you:

    I've got some work to do at the moment, I'm making a website which shall contain some game design and construct-related resources (plus job-hunting). The next update of the game will be available by the end of the week though.

  • Ohh well, there is really not much to see haha ...just tried it.

    at least the animations and music works pretty good for me continue the good worK!

  • Hi everybody, I have just updated the prototype. It now features a higher level of polish overall, with a bit of sound and music! I hope you'll like it!

    Beaverlicious : yes, it kind of focuses on being a small, packed visual demo. I got quite a bit of success showing it to marketing people at an event recently actually, and they're the kind of persons who just have 20-30s to look at your work. So the game had to be visually pleasing and be playable through this tiny timeframe! I'm looking forward to making much more interesting demos next, it's just that I need to focus on visuals as it's my main source of revenue as a freelance.

  • Valerien

    wow. just wow. It looks so nice and feels (!) even better. I want to cuddle the shit out of Dan, regardless that he would probably knock me out! No wonder the marketing people liked it - it's marvelous imo. Keep up the good work and please share your updates with us!

  • Gougth : Thanks a lot, that's really touching. I'm working on some articles/tutorials based on things I've explored with that game (the first one's coming out this week). I'll be working with c2 for a little while anyway.

  • Beautiful

    Your style is exactly what I have in mind for a game I'm working on. My artist doesn't have time to work on it so I'm looking for somebody else who might be interested...

    I need somebody to help put together a prototype for a kick starter campaign.

    I've already done a little market research and this could be big... Let me know if you want to learn more...

    And even if not, keep up the good work. This RPG looks great

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