[RPG prototype] Dan the Rabbit

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  • Great start! I was having fun immediately. The controls are almost immediately intuitive and the art style is clean, crisp, and unique. Well done!

  • Keep going dude this is great

  • and the magic words: it's done with construct 2.

    Please make it for android and IOS too

  • Ah, thank you everyone. I missed your replies! They're heartwarming !

    nikosurfing: I am waiting for webGL in the browser to spread on mobile devices before that. I would like to embrace an online freemium model, and I'm waiting for phonegap to be really thoroughly tested by other C2 users. I'm a game designer first and foremost, so I'd rather not spend too much time bothering with technical aspects such as rendering limitations and lower level elements too much.

    In the meantime, I'm stopping my activity as a freelance game artist, to dedicate all of my time to game design (be it for clients, with collaborators...).

    Anyway, Dan will stay paused for a little while still. I'm working on some simpler casual game for a publisher at the moment. I'd like to tackle some simpler projects before this one: I don't want to mess up with the kind of complexity it requires overall.

  • The art is clean and pretty appealing, great job.

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  • Beautiful animations! I'm surprised to see 'clean scale animation' done with Spriter!! When I tried it, the scales were completely bugged or ugly. I should have a new try then.

  • Thanks guys. KaMiZoTo, it has worked since the first release of the scml plugin for me. The only thing you have to be careful with are:

    1- you need linear sampling

    2- floating point positions ("integer rounding" or something like that has to be unchecked in the project settings)

    It works pretty well anyway. The only issues I've faced using spriter are performances and download time: without webgl, a complex character alone is heavy for many devices. Also, the spriter data is uncompressed I believe, thus pretty heavy for online games. But to me, it's really the designer's best third-party tools for C2.

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