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  • Some pixels have differents size!

    It's not right and make eyes bleeding

  • Some pixels have differents size!

    Meh.. That is kind of half required. Back in the day designers often didn't create sprites for near and far separate. They just zoomed. Yeah, it looks a bit messy but that is how it was

  • Ironically, this was meant to be a small project to see if I could recreate one of my favourite games, but it seems to be taking forever, so far I have made about 2 minutes worth of game-play and I planned for the finished game to be about 30 minutes long that said most of the time is learning how to program I am teaching myself as I make the game so now I have finished putting together all the basics and have more of an understanding of construct 2 hopefully the game development should speed up

  • I made a little gameplay video

  • The game looks cool, fast paced action action !!

    Maybe the cross-hair could stand out a bit more, but I like the style, just another 28 minutes of gameplay to go!!

  • Would you ever make a development set for this so that others can see how you put this together?

  • thanks sizcoz still tons of work to go before I can get this finished.

    and YoHoho sure, but right now the programming is a complete mess this is my first proper game and I need to spend a day organising everything so it makes clear sense, it's not a hugely complex game, but if you want to look at the programming no problem just give me a some time to do a little house cleaning before you see it

  • Looks awesome ^_^

  • thanks tendividedbysix also

    I CAN PLAY IT WITH A LIGHT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am using a wii mote and a program called touchmote it works pretty well

  • I hope you put decent Wild Dog reference. He's essential for Time Crisis series. Well.. he rather became fashion designer in 5.

  • Well since I can use a light gun, this is officially the best project ever!

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  • I hope you put decent Wild Dog reference. He's essential for Time Crisis series. Well.. he rather became fashion designer in 5.

    of course I LOVE Wild Dog as for him becoming a fashion designer I would not know since I did not touch TC5 with a 10 foot pole the series really went downhill after 3 I was hoping to make this game a combination TC1 and 2

    and thanks wraithgames when I release the game I will give full instructions on how to play it with a wiimote

  • I agree. For me, Time Crisis 3 was the best. I used to have PS2 and I bought TC3. I really loved how Namco put Alicia story mode in order to extend the story, and more systems.

    4 was shit. At least Wild Dog was still cool in 4.

  • some new death animations for my game

  • right I was originally going to release this as a free fan game but my friends are nagging me about turning this into something more professional which I can sell now if I do that I really need to make it less like time crisis so I have to change all the sound effects, but first things first, I need a less obvious name than Crisis Time so I am looking of a new name maybe Operation Countdown something like that I am open to suggestions

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