RELOAD (formerly known as Crisis Time)NOW ON THE ARCADE

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  • well work slowly continues on the remaining 8 levels on the plus side my game now has 3000 plays, but annoyingly I am one half star sort of getting on the Top Addicting Games page

  • Hey great game reminded me of the arcade days spent my pocket money on "Time Crisis". Good Work & All the best.

  • man drawing sprites takes forever for me anyway a new bad guy the motorbike henchman

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  • Dude! Awesome game! Super high quality stuff! I love all the cool pixeling, attention to detail and style. Can't wait to see it fully released!

    I have a few suggestions you might make. Your crosshair is small and red and a lot of your environments are orange and red. I suggest you make the cross easier to read in the hectic chaos (or if you ever update or make RELOAD 2, keep the crosshair color in mind). It's also a little difficult to read where the enemy attacks are coming from but that's just me. When I played it a second time on hard, I did notice them more though. Maybe you can have more of a power up or build up and aiming to the damaging blows. Almost like they're winding up for an attack. Just a suggestion.

    Your motorbike henchman looks great! Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you so much heyguy hearing that people like my game really encourages me to work harder on it .

    The complaints I hear most are the cursor and making enemy bullets easier to see I will definitely try to fix both of those problems in the future.

  • Also, as I am working on the game the loading is taking longer and longer as I am adding more content right now it take 15 seconds to load a test game any advice on how to reduce that.

  • Nice idea and great execution.

    Would probably have made taking cover an active mechanic rather than a release-the-button thing, but thats just me.

    Keep it up!

  • Things are kinda slowing down on the game dev side since my loading times are Annoyingly high it take 30 to 40 seconds to load the game and when I am making tiny changes all the time it can just get frustrating, I made a thread about the problem here

    I tried deleting the music and sound effects, but that did not seem to have any effect if anyone can suggest something which might help I would appreciate it what is odd know is that construct 2 is meant to only load what it in a layout right? but I made a new completely empty layout and it still takes ages to load.

  • right starting work on level 3 and there are 9 levels so much work to do

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