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    Reflection of Mine is out now!

    (Click to Watch The Trailer)

    Reflection of Mine is a dark puzzle video game about the multiple personality disorder in development by Redblack Spade. The entire game takes place in the broken mind of Lilly Witchgan and the goal is to discover who is real – Lilly herself or one of her many personalities. The plot will tell us about her many minds and how are they fighting each other.

    During the game, the player controls two characters at the same time and one of them repeats the actions after another. If the player turns left – both of the girls will go left, if the player turns right – both of them go right, if one dies – the other is buried with her. The difficulty is in finding the exit of the map, which is separated into two different parts. Maybe one of the girls will see only flowers in front of her, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a trap before her second personality. You will find a variety of traps that bring diversity into the game mechanics.

    Here, madness is represented as it really is – Lilly is a foreigner in her own body and her memory is broken into peaces by the other personalities. She can’t remember many hours of her life, even days, months and years. Her live is a broken puzzle and we are here to help this girl.

    The game is being developed by one person – Slava Gris who combined his art skills with his knowledge of psychology and programming to bring to life Reflection of Mine. The soundtrack is provided by Tears of Eve whose music inspired Slava to create this dark world of madness.

    Visit our StorePage!

  • The game was greenlit in 8 days!

  • nice ! do you know how much votes you got ? I'm looking forward Greelighting system.

    Congrats !

  • nice ! do you know how much votes you got ? I'm looking forward Greelighting system.

    Congrats !

    Nearly 1500

    But I think it doesn't matter how many votes you have

    As practice shows, Steam choose games by itself

  • Con gratulations! Seriously The game looks amazing. Is the music in the trailer in the style of in-game music or just a trailer track?

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  • Steam doesn't exactly choose by itself. It takes "buzz" games.

    Someone getting 1500 votes in one year won't be selected, but someone getting 1500 in one week yes.

    So congrats for being a Steam Greenlit game, it's not easy at all

  • "Durden"

    Fight Club inspiration?

  • Upd! The game is in EA right now!

  • I want to proudly announce that Reflection Of Mine will leave Early Access at 24th February! There are a week until release.

    Also I want to introduce new intro - this will be a part of many updates in release version!

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