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  • Hi minor. Yes, I've been thinking of doing that also. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Just a video I made to show off the fun physics to my friend

  • xxKitheifxx what is the name of that song? Just curious

  • xxKitheifxx what is the name of that song? Just curious

    Viva by Bond

    Says at the end of the video~

  • Here's a new video showcasing the new stuff that I've added to my game, Trapped in Time, since its last build.

    • 2 New Enemies
    • New Weapons!

    -- Gatling Gun

    -- Shotgun

    -- Laser Beam

    -- Rocket Launcher

    -- Mortar Launcher

    Feel free to comment!

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  • Looks very cool Namre, it looks well thought out, and has a good amount of building tension.

  • Zaaephod, thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it.

    It was originally intended to be a small game, but I enjoyed making it and it became bigger and bigger.

  • elevator test for an early version of my game

  • Project is literally dead but who cares, at least i got one playable level :/.

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    Video description:

    [quote:gcl196tw]Game (WIP): Binary Ball

    Genre: Puzzle/Shooter


    The game takes place in the year 2145. The world of computers has been crippled by the newest virus, claimed and proven to have the ability to shut down all the computers world wide permanently. The government decided that it is time to reveal their ultimate Anti-virus program, with an advanced A.I., and Virus Detection System. This was called "Binary Ball". Binary Ball was given to a PC Gamer with much knowledge about computers. During the night, he activates the program to run a full scan on the PC...

    The game takes place during the scan, you go through different levels, representing different folders, solving puzzles, and shooting the virus infested PC, while secretly in search of the Unknown Virus that could end the uture of computers as we know it...

    ...Okay enough story crap, this is just a engine test for the game I described above. It is FAR from 'done'. So don't ask for a release date just yet...

    Here are some abilities you can use in the game:

    -Flashlight (WIP) -Light up dark areas -Discover Hidden Objects that are nearly invisible.

    -Lantern (WIP) -Light areas far from your location or unreachable areas -Use as a grenade to destroy nearby enemies or switches

    -Shock-wave (WIP) -Destroys almost all nearby enemies. (Uses half energy) -Activate Shock-wave Floor Switches

    -Speed Boost (WIP) -Boost forward with great speed, useful for destroying Virus controlled Firewalls. -Get to places faster, I guess...

    More abilities will be added when I think of one or two more...

    Comment please!

    Hope you like.

  • Very nice Phobos, i love the sound of the ball rolling around . Also that's some nice lighting you got going on there.

  • I'm seeing some awesome games here! Here's the latest Minitroid video

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  • wow tokinsom, I'm usually not impressed with the retro stuff, but that looks damn amazing. it looks and sounds like it could have been a commercial gameboy color game back in the day

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