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  • ThunderZ

    Very nice concept, it will be a great game!

    I'm here to publish my last Trailer of the development of "When I was on a Zombie Apocalypse" =]


  • TELLES0808

    thx ^_^

    Your game is awesome too.

    Remember me the great time of S.C.U.M.M. games series ;)

  • ThunderZ

    Where I can find more about S.C.U.M.M.? =D

    I remember of Sam and Max, Day of Tentacle, while doing the game.

  • here's a gamplay video of Spooky Cats, a 19 level platform game

    (how do you embed youtube videos here?)

    available for free on Google Play:

    or on Kongregate:

  • The Dreamette hugging bacteria and playing baseball with a cyclops in the middle of a desert.


    And here's the Dreamer playing hide and seek and baseball with the Beans.


    The game's actually already finished, but I started recording some playthroughs and thought they might be fun to share.

    lol that's cute =D

  • What program do u guys suggest me to record and edit a video about my game???

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  • What program do u guys suggest me to record and edit a video about my game???

    I would suggest FRAPS for recording in game footage and such...

  • Published on 25 Jul 2013

    " Unfinished : The Element of Conjecture "

    record in : 25/07/2013 - 16:20:16pm - Thursday

    This preview for DEMO platform game made with Construct 2.

    In this demo :

    • footstep for grass and wood (ground) with random sound
    • footstep for box (object)
    • spawn for grass when Player moving / landing into grass
    • push & pull object
    • physics when box pushed / pulled and drop falling with rotation.

    This demo games made with Scirra Construct 2

    • test in android mobile phone ( samsung galaxy Y )
    • screen 800 x 480 resolution
    • full with sound effect without background music.
    • published via Cooconjs by Ludei
    • touch screen support without problem (fully works)

    Game test in Samsung Galaxy W

    video taken with Samsung Wave. ( 720 x 480 resolution )

  • Here's a video of my work in progress.

    I'm making this game alongside my friend.


  • Here is the first sneak peek of the game we are working on now, Knight's Tale. I'd like to get some feedback what do you think about the animation, it's my first time doing serious animation.


    I'm also going to create separate topic for it soon.


  • aroh, very impressive :) How long have you been working on this?

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Weather and day/night in action!

  • Bowls game im working on for android


  • Sorry if i have bad english ^^

    This video is a preview of my first game.

    Options ingame are previous next time.


  • i know graphics an animations are not the best but i am learning

    picysel ninja

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