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  • robin Sommer

    Thanks. It's been around 2 months of working out the story and the concept and 6 months of work.

    I have no idea if that's going fast or slow...we're just going at our speed. Them Full-time jobs really slow us down.

  • aroh I know what you mean, most of the time I'm to tired to work on my game.. It sucks.

    8 months is nothing compared to the time I've been busy with my project. And I'm not even close to what you have haha! But I guess working with someone else speeds things up.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Here is the first sneak peek of the game we are working on now, Knight's Tale. I'd like to get some feedback what do you think about the animation, it's my first time doing serious animation.


    I'm also going to create separate topic for it soon.


    Seems good, i liked, maybe depending on the style of your game u could change the atk animation to something more brutal, but just an opinion ;)

  • Here's a video of my work in progress.

    I'm making this game alongside my friend.

    [tube][/tube]cool game;)

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    and rts game :D half-way done i'd say.

  • Mario style platformer prototype


  • [TUBE]cPeVi5E2G48[/TUBE]

    Play at

  • Already posted this but this thread keeps a good record of this sort of stuff so re-post!


  • CrudeMik

    hey man, i still remember that game you made about a girl that control leafs. i think you should go back and remake this idea with a more simple approach :D

  • Egon , this is going back a ways, but about your demo video ... did you use any training or educational resources for developing your parallax effect?

    I don't think I've seen a more natural parallax effect here, and your animated sprites bring it to life. I either need to learn from you, or learn from wherever YOU did ... =)

  • Katala

    add 4 players suport, character customization and pack it up. i'm sold

  • valdarko haha I think that game is pretty much dead, the mechanics are horrible! Also that Max Magic Marker game came out and did it better.

  • I decided to create a small group with some people I know, and work on a interesting traditional rpg. I'll be mainly soloing on the programming for the battle system.

    You can see the battle system below: (Try using 720p it generally makes things look prettier)


    I'll see if I can record a better video some other day. The game itself actually runs really well but, I didn't set the proper settings for Fraps. The description in the video on youtube better explains it.

    There's quite ALOT that still needs to be added such as the interface, better dynamic camera and artwork. But there are alot of interesting features in the battle that I will introduce in a separate post later next week. It will explain how the battle system differs from other. Also read the description on youtube if your interested in credits.

  • [TUBE]quUjYcXSHyg[/TUBE]

    Recent progress.

  • Cool top- down shooter, effects and sounds are nice and polished. Also how did you create this blood spatter effect, thats very cool.

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