Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • purplemonkey Yonder looks superb, great style. Also love the website, can't wait to see more

  • That looks superb! I'm curious how you handled the flocking overlap so nicely and how taxing that is on FPS? DatapawWolf

  • Working on character animations for my game. Here's a little preview

  • tunepunk Very nice. What software are you using? I'm a 3d-designer myself and that kind of style is my favourite Simple but lovely

  • tunepunk Very nice. What software are you using? I'm a 3d-designer myself and that kind of style is my favourite Simple but lovely

    Hello there fellow 3d designer and Swede (Im Swedish but living in Malta). I'm using Maya mostly, what software do u use? Yeah worked a bit on that style to make it as simplistic as possible my first sketches looked totally different for the character though. But i felt I would be shooting my self in the foot doing too much details for my first real game project. Haha. Simple is good. :p

    First sketch

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  • facecjf I combined the bullet behavior with an adapted algorithm by rojohound that pushes objects away from each other.

    Every iteration, each of those green guys is given a very basic order that determines how close they should attempt to get to the player, which prevents them from all competing for a space within attack range. It isn't optimized yet, but it does work.

    Currently, the push away algorithm works well, but is extremely costly when dealing with a large number of enemies.

    For perhaps 16 or so, this should run fine on most devices.

    Hence I'm trying to think of ways to streamline how "collisions" are handled. Currently, it is implemented by iterating through each and every object and testing its relative position to every other object besides ones that have already been checked.

    I know there has to be a better way that looks just as good. Otherwise I'd settle for capping numbers of entities.

  • tunepunk Där ser man

  • Hello every one. Hi I've developed a set of mechanics to make it possible and enjoyable to control two cars at once. So, let me just tack up a whole page for this.

    There we go Have a day!

  • DatapawWolf

    Really like your engine! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to copy your game, but this "behaviour" would be something other C2 game designers might be interested in. Maybe you could make a plugin out of it, if you have the time? I'd enjoy it!


    Just a little critique on the sketch of your archer: He seems to be right-handed, so his quiver should be worn over his right shoulder, too Otherwise he wouldn't be able to pull his arrows out of it. These are little things one has to think about.

  • Abandon all hope.

  • Never done Pixel Art (I'm not really an artist ^^ ) so I decided to give it a shot for a prototype I made on Construct,quite happy for a first try.

  • My current WIP.

  • Working on a new area for Reliquary. This part of the asteroid field has been overrun by giant fungi.

  • work in progress for scirrashop, some nice light effects to combine with other assets or use as is,

    hope to get it online as soon as possible

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