Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

  • I've made two games with pixel art so far and decided to try a different style this time round. In this game, you must protect the minecart (it's more difficult than it sounds).

    Looks a bit plain at the moment, it's still a work in progress. If anyone has an idea of what I can add/remove from the background/cave, please let me know .

    Criticism is welcome.

  • Starting to rough out the HUD.

    kossglobal Not too hard. I learned the little bit I know from youtube tutorials.

    vybr Looks really clean! I'd add some stalagmites in the foreground as well to give it a little more depth.

  • Hello guys, that's the game that we are working on.

    That image is in-game and we are creating with Construct 2.

    We have another game for Android on PlayStore. Only portuguese language is supported. Sorry about that.Thanks!


    This is sooo beautiful. I love the crazy loose brush strokes and the texture to it all. Like a sketch brought to life...

  • Working on a platformer pack for store.

  • Starting to rough out the HUD.

    kossglobal Not too hard. I learned the little bit I know from youtube tutorials.

    Thanks. And your mechs looks amazing.

  • .gif off a rogue-like game I'm currently working on

  • Finished drawing the basic platformer pack. I'm looking for constructive criticism and general opinions/thoughts on it. I was quite happy with how it turned out but I felt like something was off. What do you guys think?

  • I posted a new devlog update and some more screenshots to Courier's page! Check it out! Here's one of 'em:

  • A mini arcade game test with only 2 levels.

    Jet pack with gravity, scroll horizontal and vertical, fuel energy bar, Monster and wall to avoid.

  • I'm working on making a Short-burst mission rpg... mostly browling missions for now. I'm considering expanding the capabilities of the game once I have the basic mechanics working.

    Basic set 3 heroes to chose from (warrior, ranger, mage)

    Basic attacks either magic or physical.

    I'm very early already have my menu draft set and my "bar scene" where you get to choose the characters and the missions.

    I'm working on the Field part where you actually will be fighting. Still a long ways to go.

    Warrior waiting for his mission:

    Greatly improoved the character from this old version...

    I used a trick I learned making the simple spaceship template to make this "accent" light for the bar scene.

    I hope you guys like how it's looking so far. I have a ton of work to do yet.

  • Angry Necromancer - shooter/defender.

    You are necromancer loser, because all hordes of the living dead which you resurrected turned against you. And now our poor necromancer needs to destroy all this Hell creatures to survive in the gothic world.

    Game is almost done. There are no sounds yet. Also its working only 5 levels.

    Angry Necromancer

    What do you think about artworks?

    Angry Necromancer

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  • Still grinding away on dungeons.

  • Byriman Graphic looks verry good!! A little hard sometimes

  • I'm definitely not as artistic as most people here are.. Oh well

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