Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Love the brain drifting marks

  • Love the brain drifting marks

    Hey, thanks! Did you try how it works on game-play?


  • Working on ui and shops.

  • That looks amazing can't wait to play it

  • noone comments on my stuff ever i guess it sucks too much

  • noone comments on my stuff ever i guess it sucks too much

    Hey, saiyadjin. Your stuff looks cool. It's just hard to get good idea from the stills. Do you have a video of game?

    It would be nice to see it in action.

  • Looking really good!

  • CrudeMik Yeah, its an animated scene!

    Here's another image, but this one is just a concept art!

    Thanks everyone for the feedbacks!

  • thanks to the incredibly busy / talented KaMiZoTo for sketching out some new prototype assets to work with

  • saiyadjin Haha dont worry about it, a lot of us feel that way sometimes...there is so much good C2 content lately its hard to get noticed..which is great..I like your art style, what kind of game is it? Like Pirates Gold, exploration, action?

  • Petrolheat Tactics [Alpha].

    Works in Progress/Feedback Requests

    This is an alpha built and you should expect that some things might not work properly, get changed or discarded. However, you are more than welcome share your opinions and ideas with me, private by mail or publicly on a social network. In fact I love the idea of people all over the world to see, touching and feeling petrolhead tactics.

  • thanks guys for recognition

    i like everything i saw up here from everyone, people really do work hard for these games and i am doing the best to bring you a great experience with my upcoming (first) game ever.

    anyway to answer your questions - my game is not like pirates gold. it's more of an hardcore shoot em up - you drive your ship and shoot... cannons on different enemies - (some of enemies will be - pirates, sirens, sharks, peeping holes from water, mines, kraken, and much more).

    ofcourse different enemies will bring different score (even minus score there will be) and will count.

    i was thinking also to include some missions like where you have to shoot a big monster to take it away from attacking city that's drowning in water, and then enter stage 2 to fight the boss on open sea, and such ideas... but there's a lot of work even on level 1

    i know it's hard to get the picture from still images, but i will be thorough with screenshots, and i will show you a video once level is completed (yes i'm on level 1 atm ( i expect 3 levels for begginer is enough) ) (sorry for long post)

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  • Little concept art from my new project, will be a small game hope you like the img.

  • I took a break from working on Reliquary yesterday afternoon and most of today so I could get a prototype idea out of my system. Sort of a mech shooter thing. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so this might by my next project once Reliquary is finished!

    Monumental Wow, that looks really cool! Gonna have to bookmark your thread.

  • Reshay - The watercolors are amazing, can't wait to see a video of the game.

    Ahr Ech (I can't seem to figure out how to your username with that space in there?) - The mech suit it great. I've been playing the alpha of Reliquary on my pc and really digging it!

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