Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • first boss second phase holy version animation idle fly

    here is the second phase of the first boss spear guardian idle fly animation, create in spriter.

    work in progress

  • Cross-Platform multiplayer lobby

  • Hello guys, that's the game that we are working on.

    That image is in-game and we are creating with Construct 2.

    We have another game for Android on PlayStore. Only portuguese language is supported. Sorry about that.Thanks!


  • Reshay

    That looks fantastic! I hope you have some smooth animations to go with that killer art style!

  • I think I'll finish it soon. Hope you like it.

    btw Reshay this looks really cool!

  • Thanks a lot! Beaverlicious

    Reshay Love the watercolor style of your game! So unique and fresh

    Egon Looking awesome!

  • I've started working on very basic shoot em up because I thought something along the lines of "Everyone and their mom is trying to make metroid vania platformer as their first game, but why shouldn't I go for something that I know how to put together mechanically?"

    So here's the screen capture of how the game looks so far.

    Obviously it's early work in progress since it lacks stuff like GUI, and requires some tweaks.

    Now in this gif in particular there is a mistake I didn't notice until after the capture - the explosion animation for the enemies is upside down as I forgot to flip it after adding it to the project.

    Also I need a name for the game, I wasn't able to come up with one other than "Generic shmup"

  • Looks really arty reshay ! Would love to see how it works in a game:-)

  • Zeth Looks really nice! One suggestion is to make the stars in the background not moving or move really really slow. When stars are that small it means that they are very far away and shouldn't be moving so much. Just like you don't see the stars move in the sky even though earth is travelling about 30-40km per second

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  • Anonnymitet Yeah. I guess I'll have to redesign. Somebody said that it was a bit too "sparkly". I wanted to give it the sense of speed, but seems like pulsars wasn't very good idea. Reduced the parallax values for background stars (single pixels) and I'll probably replace the stars with "speed lines" (or so called "space dust" used in games like wing commander used to give sense of motion. Even though I guess that in case of top down scrolling shooter, the sense of motion is already there.) Thanks for the feedback, I'll see what could be tweaked.

  • Zeth Sounds like a plan. Try to have stationary stars in the background and some space dust with low opacity moving down to get the sense of speed

  • i've added some mines / bouye's on water,

    mines need a bit more work, they create a bit of dark water around it, should i leave it like that or change to be more like water color?

    also this is a part of level : )

    i know it looks horrible on this small image, but it looks quite nice when playin'

  • Reshay looks awesome - is that a still scene in the game or is it animated?

  • Working on with this simple one touch racing game

    More info here

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