Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Thanks for the info on how to get images up.

    OK, here goes...

    Here is the latest 2D digital puppet Ive completed.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Haha, that's awesome . I like your cartoony art style.

    I'd like to check out you puppets some time, you should find a file host and share those too.

  • Heres another 2D puppet still in production...

    These guys are known as "Foofle and Budge"

    Foofle is the hairy flea ridden monster (fleas are created using particles), Budge is his teddy (that simply does nothing).

    Just to show a slightly different, more retro cartoon style style.

    Foofles arms are moved by the mouse buttons (revealing more fleas under the armpit)

    He also has 4 open mouth positions as well as his eyes and mouth turning to face the mouse position.

    Once again, sorry if this isnt the place for these kind of "apps".

    Its just what I use Construct for...and it does it brilliantly!

    as I said before, I am really hoping to get a site up soon with all my creations.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Wow Wiz, I'm really diggin' that style of cartoon art mate

    It's fine to post your pics here btw, that's what the thread is for! If you want to upload some examples (exe or cap) then make something in the uploads section here.

    Keep it up! I would love to see some of this in action


  • wiz, that is awesome stuff, man

    please post exes and stuff

    that's beautiful

  • Thanx for the great feedback!

    Im glad to hear people out there like my 2D style.

    Ive ust completed the BG for Foofle and Budge...

    <img src="">

  • Old from pages and pages ago

    And updated

    <img src="">

  • looking pretty nice

  • wiz, your style looks kinda familiar, you wouldnt happen to be from thr anime studio/moho boards would you? also, what programs are you using to draw those?

  • hahaha, thanx...I think??

    Im not a huge fan of "trying to look anime". Im a huge fan of "do what ya do to express yaself in your own way". Im sorry, but I have not worked for a Manga studio (unless you are refering to the software known as "anime studio"...but im not a user of that software)...although I was the Colour Stylist at Walt Disney Animation Sydney for 5 years.

    I just draw what I draw and my style is what comes out. I guess the japanese influence shows cause I have lived there for a year aswell...

  • Wow Steven that looks GREAT O.O

    Kind of reminds me of Flashback or something along those lines. That would look awesome in action with those lighting effects etc. Just spectacular!


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  • hahaha, thanx...I think??

    Im not a huge fan of "trying to look anime". Im a huge fan of "do what ya do to express yaself in your own way". Im sorry, but I have not worked for a Manga studio (unless you are refering to the software known as "anime studio"...

    yeah, anime studio the program, I don't think your style looks anime

    it looks unique

    do you plan to do the puppet thing as an exe sometime?

    also, I have closed source engine I'll be making sometime, to create procedural armatures

    and it will also do timeline animation

    I was going to develop it with the eventual idea of releasing it commerically if it worked as well as I hope. you can definitely beta test it if you're interested. it'll be a while before it's in testable readiness, but it should be quite friendly, and fun to work with, and really powerful.

    either way though. love the style, not just artwise, but the imagination as well

    I'll be keeping an eye on your work

  • Thanx...sounds like a great lil' (but huge) project youve got going on. Have you come across "creatoon"..its a free "digital cutout animation program..v good!

    I have indeed created exe's of my puppets and Im going to be launching a site soon with them on. Im planning on some having a fee attached and others for free.

  • haven't tried creatoon

    I'll take a look though.

    I've tried anime studio, flash, and toon boom

    and also, the puppet feature in after effects

    I like the look of cutout animation, especially when it's elaborate, like the outtro to Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events, or the cartoon network show El Tigre(though I'm not a fan of the show itself)

    but for my own style I prefer if the puppet can bend (like anime studio, and after effects)

    I've used those type of software as a shortcut to drawing thousands of frames, not necessarily to achieve the cutout look

    by the way, anime studio is a horrible name for it. no one's ever going to make an anime with that.

    also, for some reason discussing procedural animation, and you bringing up putting puppets on a site made me remember this, thought you (or anyone else reading), might find it cool

  • Bit fortress is coming along with new levels, and new graphics. Expect an update in the near future.

  • Looks like an FPS killer, Davio. Looks amazing as well, though.

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