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  • An ARPG for mobile, Hack and slash through enemies to gain gold and get new weapons, unlock new skins!

    *I will update my progress with new posts*


    -This game will bring arena style levels

    -some random generated dungeons which the player must clear as well.

    -The world will have a degree of exploration

    -a player home which you can decorate and see achievements

    -Gain more gold to spend on weapons, magic, bombs and bows

    -unlock new zones and gameplay modes

    -collect gems to spend in combination with gold for special player sprites and items

    Game Modes

    Arena mode - with waves of enemies and you can upgrade your stats and weapons when you collected enough coins and xp.

    Story mode - will have a wide variety of gameplay mechanics even some puzzles and a small story to go with it.

    A new level will unlock when you have made it through the last zone. You can replay a zone if you are unable to beat the next one and make the upgrades necessary until you are able to beat the zone.

    It's still to early for a demo but stay tuned I may have something up soon.

  • Looks really nice. You made all the sprites?

  • Looks really nice. You made all the sprites?

    That is correct, some are done right in construct 2 others are done in Photoshop. I have to admit pixel art isn't something I normally do. I do more illustrative work. But it's a nice change.

  • Well, it does look very nice so congrats!

  • Here are some of the basic enemies so far. There will be many different enemies based on location these are just a couple.

    The large slime spawns two smaller ones at random.

    This is used in some levels to create more enemies at random intervals, it needs to be destroyed by the player quickly so that it stops spawning more enemies, there is a cap to how many it can spawn on screen though.

    I'll upload the hero later. You will be able to buy different outfits or completely different characters to play as if you gather enough coins.

  • looks good! Excited to see some gameplay videos or demo

  • Some new artwork.

    (ignore the weird little red square thing on the Dpad @)

    Sorry for the slow update, I have been busy working on another project.

    My next update should show some gameplay in video format ^_^ and some of the things you will be able to upgrade.

  • This looks awesome can't wait to play it!

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  • Looks awesome!

  • Looks really neat, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!

  • Here's a quick little update hopefully this gives you all a better idea of what it will sort of feel like.

  • So it's been awhile since I updated on this dev log,

    I have been busy implementing a lot of behind the scenes weapon related stuff and inventory. I had trouble figuring out how to get unlockable player skins for quite some time but have managed to get the base code for that working.

    -New UI elements for the in game menu which will pause gameplay and allow you to select any previously unlocked weapons.

    -inn/weapons shop has been somewhat implemented.

    -You can currently upgrade your health when you gain enough gold and soon upgrade your weapons and pay for a new character skin.

    -new enemy sprites and new enemies

    -Enemy behavior, new spawning method

    -more polished tile set, trees, walls, lamps and world map

    Here are some sprites which I am still working on.

    There is currently an issue with z-ordering.. The method I found on the forums seems to be too demanding with the amount of objects currently in use.

    I think I will just end up combining some future sprites into one to avoid the player going over or behind them and keep some objects z-ordering separate from more critical art assets.

    I have added destructible objects in game, grass and crate.

    Here is an example of changed enemy behavior.

    I'm going to be putting focus on adding more weapons and finishing up on the level selection screen. this is their current state:

    Those are still a work in progress.

    So that's it for this dev dump I hope I can show a little more level design in the next update.

  • Very nice!

  • I like the the visuals, it looks really nice!

    That said, I think you need to work on the UI, at the moment it covers about half of the screen, which is overwhelming in my opinion.

    Anyway looking forward to see more.

  • Looks amazing.

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