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  • Bl4ckSh33p Thank you!

    I like the the visuals, it looks really nice!

    That said, I think you need to work on the UI, at the moment it covers about half of the screen, which is overwhelming in my opinion.

    Anyway looking forward to see more.

    Most of the UI is incomplete I was considering the D-pad go semi transparent when pressed. Still needs some experimentation. I may touch on this in the next dev dump or maybe even sooner *But one thing to note is that the ui is scaling down in these shots so when on mobile there should be considerably more room.* I'll try to show that in a future image. Thank you for the feed back!

    Burvey Thank you!!

  • Then that's cool

  • Just a minor update

    I have been working on more behind the scenes stuff lately. But I have some UI art I just finished up, still a work in progress but I am very happy with the new tabs system for switching weapons you currently own.

    Item sockets are greyed out if you don't currently own them.

    Maps are still being worked on but I needed to make some changes to how they currently worked. I want to have more to show for that update, that will have to wait.

  • Starting to add functional shops in the world, the town will eventually be populated and you will be able to have some interaction with npc's.

  • Worked on a new game logo!

  • The pixelart in this look really good. Looking forward to a demo.

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  • Derqs

    Thank you very much! 5 Minute Dungeon is looking really sweet so far, can't wait to give yours a shot too.

  • This is really coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.

  • I like the aesthetics quite a bit. Looks clean and well put together.

    The controls I'm less sure about (I'm not the biggest fan of virtual controls). That being said I would rather try it out before passing judgement. Looking forward to see how this works out.

  • facecjf Thank you!

    blekdar Ah, yes not everyone is a fan of virtual controls. I originally had some alternative touch/swipe controls but you would end up with your fingers blocking your view.. I'm sure there are many other ways of going about it but in the end this just fit the overall theme.

    When a demo is released its up to you if you like it or not in the end, but I do hope you enjoy it

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