Pangeeum: Forever Forest (WIP Roguelite Shooter)

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  • I am working on making my first game and it is a retro 2d roguelite shooter similar to Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon or Relic Hunters Zero. It is more of an extended demo than a full game right now but you explore an endless forest and find new weapon and entrances to boss rooms that drop from enemies. I would love to get some feedback and hope this was an ok place to post this. The higher the rating on the game the more exposure the game gets so please be generous with the ratings (5 stars!!)

    Here are a few screen shots of the game

  • Looks really cool so far, are you planning on making it into a full blown game?

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  • Yo! I enjoyed playing this. Simple concept, but delivered pretty well.

    A few comments:

    + Pretty solid pixel art, the game looks appealing. Beautiful title screen.

    + Great AI, I thought it was quite challenging overall.

    + The option to shoot charged fireballs is excellent. Burning trees is satisfying.

    • I thought the whole field could use a little more detail - I thought those squarish tiles you sprinkled near the top and bottom looked nice, and the field could use more of them.
    • The health drops appear far too often, and heal too much. I suggest you make it heal 10 HP rather than 20, and the drop rate has got to decrease to maybe half the current value.

    I haven't acquired any new weapons or made it to any boss rooms yet, so I'll get back to you!

  • I do plan to continue working on the game and have quick a few ideas on what to do just trying to decide on a direction and get some initial feedback to make the core game as good as I can.

    Nixel I appreciate the feedback, kind of surprised you didn't find any new weapons but lots of health drops, the weapons are dropped the same as the health but you pick them up with 'E'. If you go further into the forest health drops less frequently and some of the 'better' weapons spawn more as well as increased chance to get a boss door drop. I initially had the health packs give less HP and appear less frequently but continually was told the game was too hard so that was my temporary fix.

  • Haha, forgive me. I was being lazy and didn't read the controls over...the keys are placed well, so don't worry.

    Well, I had another good run! Got the weapons, beat the first boss, etc. Good variety of weapons, and the boss battle was intense - your spawn rate of slimes in the boss room is spot on.

    I died at the second boss, but I'm not complaining - I just forgot to grab health packs before going into the boss room.

    Well, my final verdict is - keep doing what you're doing! This is impressive for a first game.

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