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  • Finally, I feel ready to show it. Overdrive is the game I've been developing for the past year. I wanted to recreate what I felt the first time playing a space 'shoot them up' on the Super Nintendo years ago. PLAY IT FOR FREE at https://www.scirra.com/arcade/shooting- ... drive-2125

    Please take some time to play it and give some feedback. If you do like the game a bit, sharing is caring.

    Great thanks (^-^)/


    Save the earth, save us all.

    The evil extraterrestrial empire has arrived to earth with awesome power. Feel the heat of their armada as never before with the gorgeous graphics, the fast paced gameplay. Easy to play, difficult to master! The empire sworn to take over the earth by launching a great attack upon the Earth. Only you can stand between these monsters and doom.

    Can they be defeated? Survive wave after wave of enemies with your lightning reflexes, collect the power orbs to shoot faster and do not forget to power up. The empire is ready for you. Good luck.

  • Nice job DigitDraw! I really liked the parallaxing backgrounds. The gameplay seemed a bit simplistic at first, but soon ramped up in difficulty.

  • Thank you for taking the time to play Overdrive and for the feedback, ryanrybot. I appreciate. And I 'm glad you enjoyed the game.

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  • I really liked the paralax backgroud too, especially with the clouds.

    The motion blur effect on the spaceship is also great!

    I liked how you do not shoot when there are no enemies on the screen, gives a bit more standard shmup feeling.

    Good job!

  • Thank you, Borgi. I do my best to recreate that shmup feeling when I played Super R-Type on snes. I'm pleased you liked the game too.

  • Hi everybody! I’ve uploaded a new version of Overdrive with better graphics overall and more balanced difficulty. Also, there are more levels coming soon!

    Please take some time to play my game at https://www.scirra.com/arcade/shooting- ... drive-2125

    Feedbacks are greatly appreciated!

  • This one was a cool game. I loved the simplicity of it and the minor difference to other side scrolling shooters that I have played. Somehow my musicians mind really connected with the high-mid-low flying options. Now, I did not try if controlling with horizontal arrows was possible but I'd consider that a possibility. Having my had sideways felt very unergonomic. Despite that detail, a fun minigame

  • cool game -- and cool parallax fx! the whole graphic thing rocks. made it to lv5. Just lil problem i saw: you can do the whole first stage (levels 1-3) without pressing a button -- once you get the double shot, at least. consider some indestructible pieces of debris or something?

  • Thank you for your feedbacks, Megalocrator and Taistelusopuli (how am I to pronounce that? ).

    Controlling with the horizontal arrows seems like a good idea. I will surely consider it, Taistelusopuli. Using the vertical arrows for up and down just made sense to me when building the controls.

    Megalocrator, the difficulty is indeed very low in the first stage. It's totally possible to clear it without moving once. I'm still thinking about how to make it more difficult. Indestructible obstacles may indeed do the trick.

    I greatly appreciate your feedbacks, guys. Big thanks and stay tune!


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