Multiplayer CCG Alpha.

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  • Hey all.

    Ive been working on a multiplayer CCG. Still lacking a lot of graphics and effects but it is playable.

    It's a fairly simple game to pick up, 40 cards total and up to 4 of each card per deck. You play spells and summon allies onto a small battlefield grid to reduce the opposing summoner's health to 0. I've put together a tiny manual that basically covers everything you need to know so it's worth breezing over it if you are going to give it a try.

    Gaining mana : You gain mana by sacrificing cards instead of playing them.

    Playing a card :

    Controlling allies on the battlefield : When your turn begins, allies must move before they attack.

    Extra info/Tips :

    That's about it. You can open two browsers side by side if you want to challenge yourself, if not send the link to a friend and duke it out with them instead. I am still in the process of making the game more intuitive but would love some feedback!

    Play Me: (Full screen for the best experience).

    *Firefox users there is currently a bug with audio volume settings so your might want to turn your speakers down.

  • The Editor. Click the number tabs at the top to switch between cards of different cost.

    Drag and drop cards from the top down into the custom deck area (or vice versa). Once a deck reaches 40 cards it will automatically save and become selectable when the battle commences. Click on the disk icon to save partial progress or the "C" button to clear the deck. You can currently have up to 3 custom decks, access them by clicking on the corresponding number at the bottom of the editor.

    Preconstructed decks available:

  • Looks wonderful! I will definitely have to try this soon. Is it using the Multiplayer plugin?

  • Thanks Dj. Yeah its using the multiplayer object.

  • Good work. One to watch.

  • Version 1.2!

    Works on windows 8.1 Tablet (Thanks for testing and giving feedback Tekkendp!)

    Made a small adjustment so that a unit's attack and health rating show when you hover the cursor over the tile they are standing on. Now you don't have to play with a bunch of ugly numbers on the screen at all times. Fixed the walking animation for all units to sync properly between tiles.

    Added 10 more cards for a second deck for player 2 so no more mirror match up.

    Added some graphics to the creature cards (still a work in progress, experimenting for a style that fits).

  • very nice work man!

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  • Super awesome! Keep it up!

  • Thanks guys

  • Awesome art style

    Interesting concept

    Really looking forward to this one.

    The only thing i would recommend to you for now is that you add a simple tutorial or something similiar before releasing the game.

    I was kinda confused at the beginning on how you're using some cards.

  • I agree with you Everade. Will definitely have tutorials explaining game mechanics and in-game tips that can be toggled off.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Great isnt enough. Congratulations!

  • Amazing work . . .

  • This looks fantastic!:-) really need to try it!

  • Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.

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