Multiplayer CCG Alpha.

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  • Version 1.3!

    Fixed a couple of bugs with the creature auras (cards with an aura have an active effect when on the field, if the unit dies the effect is goes with it).

    Added 10 more cards for a third deck and a temporary selection menu so players are able to choose which one they want to play with when the game starts.

    It should now continue to work when either player minimises the browser for a short time (still ironing out a few kinks with though).

    Added some in-game tips to help players get with the flow of the game easier. Will add a toggle for this in a future update.

    Made a change so now if you select an enemy tile while its your turn the movement range for that unit shows up. Should make things easier when planning your own moves. Still more to do along these lines but it's a start.

  • This is looking great. Any plans for a single player version?

  • looks great!

  • Thanks for the interest guys. Robotcentaur, there is a couple of single player elements that I would like to add once I am satisfied with the multiplayer experience. I'm thinking something along the lines of a challenge/light-story mode where you take your deck and play it across a few stages until you reach a boss.

  • Nice~!

  • Thanks Mega, more is on the way!

  • Version 1.4

    Few random bug fixes and another new deck!

    Still missing a lot of magic effects but I've added a tile animation for the entangle spell. It's really basic at the moment but will be animated nicely when I get around to it.

    All cards now come up on the opponents screen as they are played.

    Subbed in some new music, now looping.

    Quick update: Touched up the majority of walking animations, it should also now look consistent on weaker hardware.

    Made a balance change to spells and creature abilities than give you mana. When you receive an additional resource you can use it straight away instead of having to wait till next turn.

  • First, it looks awesome, very nice graphics!

    I really think you should have a tutorial level, hmm, how about the first time you play "Card Wars"? That's a very nice example

    Being honest, I have some problems to read the texts of the cards, they are way to small.

    I will play it more later

    Did you do everything alone?

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  • Thank you ,

    Yeah a tutorial level is in the works I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I know what you mean about the card text. At the moment the minimum resolution is 800 x 600 so if you play in a window any smaller than that it is basically unreadable. I'll see what I can do. It would definitely be nice to still be able to play at a tiny res.

    So far I have been working alone (the background itself is not my original work though), hopefully will get a couple more on board at some point.

    Thanks again for the feedback, very much appreciated.

  • Well, I think it's going to be tricky to make the card text more readable without losing the nice pixelated style of the cards

    But like I said, it's just my idea. The card text size is not an impediment to play it!

    You know, I still play Yu-Gi-Oh! on my free time , so I like this kind of games.

    Let me know when it's finished!

  • I have a couple of ideas but that's great to hear I'll be sure to let you know lolva.

    Version 1.5!

    A new deck, couple of balance adjustments and some UI changes.

    Most notably: It is now more difficult to accidentally move on the spot when you select a unit. In addition to seeing an enemy's move range, when it is your turn you can also now double click on a tile to bring up the card for the creature standing on it (though it doesn't show any blessings and curses attached yet). Added more tips to help guide new players.

    That's it for the pre-constructed decks. The next update will include a rough deck editor. I cant wait to see what people put together! As always if you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

  • Whoa, that's looking good!

    I really like the art style, kinda reminds me of Dungeon of the Endless. Also kudos for the clean interface.

    As some have mentioned some clearer / more readable instructions on screen would be nice. And remember the better those on-screen tips are, the least you'll have to worry about tutorials.

    Random suggestion: a drag-and-drop approach to a game like this could work well, I think. Although that would open hole 'nother can of worms...

    Looking forward for this game, and I usually don't even like turn based games. Cheers

  • Hey

    I hadn't seen Dungeon of the Endless before but it looks amazing, will definitely be checking it out at some point.

    I agree with you 100 percent with the on screen tips, it still needs to be clearer. Interesting idea with making it drag and drop, it could work well. I might experiment a bit and see how it feels in the not too distant future (I'm all for changing it if it provides a better experience).

    Thanks for the feedback mate, be sure to let me know if and when I can return the favour!

  • New update and the deck editor is here (a bit plain at the moment but it is functional). Access the editor by clicking on the book icon. When you exit the editor you will automatically start searching for a game again.

    Improved the UI slightly and touched up a couple of units.

    I still haven't named the majority of cards so the thumbs in the custom deck area are only showing the cost, colour and card type.

    From here on out I will be paying a bit more attention to balance. Time to find out what is overpowered! Feel free to post (or PM) your OP deck list or vent on the cards that you hate.

    Next up, more cards and some improvements to the background and interface.

    *I have just noticed that the music is playing much louder in firefox than intended :/ sorry about that. I may have to edit the volume level myself instead of setting it up through c2.

  • GenkiGenga

    this is awesome. i am sure a lot of people would appreciate some sort of basic tutorial on how to structure turn-based card games with multiplayer. i know i would.

    you obviously know what you are doing.

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