MoModth - Construct 2 event framework (in progress)

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  • I realized that preloader lacks one important feature - dependency. I've just finished rebuilding MM_preloader.

    There is no more option for sync or async mode. Instead it is possible to add dependency for each entry. For instance you can set dependency for "restore purchases" in a way that it will start preloading when "Store initialization" is done, not earlier.

    You can also give more than one dependency for each entry.

    In result the overall preloading is faster now because all entries starts preloading at the same time, but some of them (those with dependencies) wait until others (ones they depend on) are ready.

    There is also an option to set entry as the last one to be preloaded. Very useful for stabilizer.

    Adding an entry to the preloader is also a bit simplified.

    And here is the log-result of above example

    It is possible to preload any custom feature. Music, data, graphics, ...

  • Hey, so what's the update on this? I'm highly interested in this.

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  • Well, it's still in progress. I have a lot of freelance work recently so I somehow put lower priority to MoModth. However after several months I realized It's not possible to guarantee that all modules will work as intended. I've prepared three IAP modules for different IAP plugins. Switching between them is just a matter of copy paste, but currently there is no IAP plugin which fully work on iOS and Android (except CocoonIO's IAP).

    So when I realized that modules which worked several months ago are not working any more today (because of changes in C2, cordova, IntelXDK, Chromium, etc.) I understood I have to make MoModth a combination of modules made on native plugins (and not even all of them).

    I will surely update you guys once I back to work on MoModth, but for now it has to wait a bit.

  • I'm back on track with MoModth. A lot has changed. I have moved some functionalities to the MoModth plugin. MoModth is still event based framework, just the absolute core features like modules handling/managing, storage managing and preloader are covered with plugin which makes life easier.

    It is strictly modular based which makes it easy to maintain no matter how big the project is and it's of course highly extensible/customizable. I will post more details soon. For now you can see how the example MoModth controller module looks like:

  • Is it ready?? And can it utilize Google Play Services/iOS Game Center functionality as well??? )

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