MoModth - Construct 2 event framework (in progress)

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  • Hey!

    It's my b-day today so I found it a good moment to share with you something over which I have been working for some time now!

    MoModth is not a game. It's a tool for C2 developers.

    It’s a module based, fully flexible template which drastically speeds up mobile app development process. The idea of MoModth is to get rid of manual implementations of common features which you usually have to implement into each game anyway. MoModth have them already implemented. All you need to do is to setup modules configuration and reskin some parts (if you want). You can build your own modules as well.

    It supports IntelXDK, CocoonIO, AdMob, Appodeal, IAP and much more. And with all that it does not affect a game performance at all, in fact it might even boost your game performance.

    More details about MoModth you will find on my blog: MoModth - Construct 2 event framework (announcement)


  • - Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday too

  • Happy birthday!

  • Thanks guys


    Just finished IAP support modules for MoModth:

    • Official IAP [module],
    • Cranberrygame Cordova IAP [module]
    • Cocoon InApps [module]

    Cranberrygame Cordova IAP and Cocoon InApps are fully replaceable so it's just a matter of switching modules in MoModth if you want to jump from CocoonIO to IntelXDK (or opposite).

    Official IAP plugin does not support consumable products unfortunately. This will be highlighted in the documentation.

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  • That's more or less the final MoModth structure. First lookup.

  • Full ads support ready.

    With MoModth you just need to add 2 events to have working ads in your games. Initializing ads at start of the game and showing add event in the place you want to show the ad.

    And of course switching between Official, Cordova, Appodeal and Cocoon Ads is just a matter or switching modules.

  • Looks real interesting, I will definitely check back when you got it available, thanks!

  • Looks great! Can't wait to check it out!

  • Thanks Guys

    Screens above are already deprecated. I redesign it almost everyday now to make it as much encapsulated and semanthic as possible so the usage would be comfortable for small and big projects.

    Right now that's the structure, but it's surely not the final one. There are still things that I'm not satisfied with.

    Also I want to prepare AirConsole and few other modules before the release.

    There is a lot of testing with this thingy!

  • awesome work sir...

  • Thanks harrio

    Just a small update.

    There is a common issue with C2 apps that they lag (freez) for 1 to several seconds on start of the game/layout switch. That was the main reason why I wrote a tutorial some time ago How to smoothly switch between layouts. It is especially painful when we have a lot of things under On start of layout condition, and even more problematic for mobile apps because we usually initialize IAP and ADs on start of the game.

    The most painful lag I've experienced is when you use Appodeal Ads. Appodeal initialization does a lot of things in the background. Last several days I was in contact with Appodeal support trying to resolve this issue, but it turns out that it's not particulary their issue but it's just the nature of C2/Cordova apps and heavy Appodeal's initialization just adds fuel to the fire.

    I want to get rid of this issue in MoModth. So the update is that MoModth will have one more module called Stabilizer. I'm not gonna go in details now, but just did some testings and the result is very nice. There is no lag at all with enabled Stabilizer because the rendering and initializations are "moved" to game loading part.

    So to wrap up:

    - apps without Stabilizer: 1 to several seconds of lag at start of the game, but a bit shorter loading time

    - apps with Stabilizer: a bit longer loading time (from less than 1 sec up to several seconds - depends on the CPU), but no game lag experience

    Still have to do some more tests, so again release date will be moved a bit, but apps will run much smoother so it's worth it

  • Working now on Local Notifications module.

    What will module include:

    • sending local notifications once with delay
    • sending local notifications once set on particular date
    • scheduling frequent local notifications (repeated weekly etc.)
    • opening application after clicking on notification without reaction (for instance "Hey we miss you! Come to game!" - then game opens and nothing special happens)
    • reacting on arrived notification (for instance "Hey! We just gave you 1000 gold coins! Come check it out!" - and then 1000 coins is added to the account)
    • canceling notifications

    If there is anything else useful you think should be implemented, let me know.


  • I've recorded a first MoModth functionality sneak peek which is for Local Notifications. It is extremely easy to use Local Notifications with MoModth. The simplest implementation requires only one event line.

    Here are some more details and a video where I show how it works ( with empty notifications and with notifications which need to be fetched by app once they trigger).

    VIDEO: MoModth Local Notifications sneak peek [video]

  • Just finished new module for MoModth - MM_preloader.

    It is now possible to add any feature which requires initialization to the MoModth's preloader. Preload Ads, initialize store, preload sounds, load remote data or anything you have in your project. This module works with MM_stabilizer as well, so you are sure that the app will run smoothly once everything gets preloaded with nice looking visual progress bar (or any visualisation you implement).

    Module's API gives you possibility to easily add any custom feature to the preloader

    It also has API which lets you build your visual preloader with loading bar, loading circle, percentage text or anything you want.

    MM_preloader is the last module I add before the release. So now it's time to test everything out, finish alpha tests and API documentation. After that, beta tests start. I'll keep you informed .

    (It's almost ready! )

    EDIT: Ah! Forgot to mention that you can preload synchronously (next one starts preloading after previous is finished) or asynchronously (all entries start at the same time and finish whenever they're done). Swiching between synch and asynch is just a matter of one setting.

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