5 Minute Dungeon [playable build]

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  • I must say that my need for this game is rising fast.

    There's something about the style that is very alluring, like I just have to play it.

    It reminds me of Ainevoltas II by Alastair John Jack, which I spend too many hours to count on.

    You're doing such a great job thus far Derqs!

  • Kraudi I actually never looked at that game, despite hearing a lot from it. But it looks amazing. I think I can get a lot of inspiration from the monster design, thanks!

    DatapawWolf Thanks! I really appreciate that. When I have a playable build ready I'll open testing for sure.

    I edited the main post a bit, with an updated gameplay description.

    ryanrybot haha thanks!, I actually didn't work on the game last summer and from the end of october till end of january, because I gave up on it. But now with a clear gameplay vision in mind I actually really want to finish it. I took a look at Ainevoltas II, it definitely inspires me to some new ideas, thanks.

    Here is a treasure room, when bought these will give you an unique blessing. Think of +attack/+health/xx% more damage/xx% less damage against xx/ xx% more gold drops/ xx% chance of HP regeneration on kill/ enemies have xx% less hp etc.. I can't think of more atm.

  • Derqs no prob.

    Just a suggestion for the spikes: instead of placing all the bones in front of the spikes, maybe add some behind? Or have each spike object dynamically spawn their own bones in a certain position on itself and randomly fore or aft itself?

    May be a bit complex for such a small detail, but perhaps if you've some extra time for polish. : )

  • Looks pretty good, congrats!

    Also, please don't read the following as an attack, but you should try to make this dragon design/animation more original. I was looking at this thread at the office, and everyone around me spotted the Shovel Knight inspiration in a second:

    http://media.giphy.com/media/5xtDarvmXC ... /giphy.gif

    Again, the game looks great, and it's not important as you tagged your gif as "concept". Keep up the good work! : )

  • Very nice!

  • DatapawWolf With all those bones in front of the spikes, you don't see the spikes that well. So I'll do that for sure, Thanks!

    Aurel Thanks!, You're right, I actually replicate a lot of animations from other games, because I'm still working on my animation skills. I also try to keep the frames as low as possible, which is a bad thing. Just because I can't really animate yet.

    Bl4ckSh33p Thankyou!

    I created a new bat enemy, absolute hell, here's a preview:

    And added a highscoreboard and some rocks for scenery:

  • Oh damn man. This is looking slick. Honestly though the low frame animation doesn't look bad at all, suits the gameplay quite well.

    So, any chance of a demo anytime soon?

  • So, any chance of a demo anytime soon?

    +1 to this

  • I love the pixel art!

  • blekdar Thankyou!

    I'm aiming to release some kind of playable build the end of the month. Nothing special tho, just a few levels which should be able to complete within a few minutes.

    CBX thankyou!, love the cavestory avatar

    I've been working on a new Ogre/Cyclop enemy lately but he still needs to be animated, In the meantime I can show this off.

    When you buy a powerup a description now pops up. The chest still needs some dust or effect coming out of it to make it feel more epic tho.

    I have around 7 powerups in the game now, this is one of them:

    I also made this, but the sword feel a little weird.

  • Derqs suggestion for rewards from the chest:

    Initially place object inside chest, and small, like 25% of original size.

    When chest hit, begin spinning the object and give it a velocity upwards, adding size.

    Then as the item comes back down, it hits normal size and 0 degree rotation as we see it in the gif above.

    That would perhaps leave room for an animation or fade-in of the text box?

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  • Kind of looks like a mini shovelknight, solid work all around!

  • Loving the look of this, can't wait to play a demo.

    The logo looks weird because the scale of the pixels are not consistent throughout.

  • Keep working on it! It looks nice, clear and would be awesome for mobile devices !

  • DatapawWolf Cool suggestion, I'm working on adding that right now. Thanks!

    billy Bleeks Thanks! I'm used ShovelKnight a lot for reference actually.

    vybr Thanks, I aim to release the first alpha before the end of this month! Yep the logo needs work.

    7Ck Thankyou!

    Today I worked a bit on an opening screen/scene, this is what I currently have, still WIP:

    The logo still needs some work tho.

    I'm also stuck with the layout randomization, but I opened a thread about it on the How Do I section, so I hope someone there can help me out a bit.

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