5 Minute Dungeon [playable build]

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  • Wisdoms

    The vertical screenshake wasn't actually on purpose , I only just saw it because you mentioned it. But I think it only shakes vertically because the layout width is the same as the window width.

    So I'm trying to make a smooth transition between layouts, but so far I've only come up with this.

    When you start the layout, the camera moves to the center of the layout. When you get to the edge of the window the camera moves to the right side of the layout and goes to the next layout. But as you can see there's still a bit of loading time between the layouts so the movement isnt really as smooth as I would like it to be

  • Derqs Thanks for the camera tutorial - great stuff. And your game looks better and better! I think the simple concept of town, dungeon, boss is wonderful. You really have something special here. Can't wait to try a demo!

  • A demo is coming! But that would mostly be just a movement demo, because I really want some feedback on jumpheight, attacking while moving, attacking in mid-air etc.

    I added a fade to the layout transition. But perhaps I should just drop all the camera movement and just stick with a simple fade effect like in most metroidvania's

  • As easy as it would be, I feel the fading camera / static camera transitions would interrupt some of the flow of the game. The moving camera transitions I feel really assist the fast paced nature we're seeing.

    Are you doing each area as a separate layout? If so, could you combine several of the areas into one layout and just have a door or something transition into a new layout?

    What I mean is have several puzzles on one layout, with the smooth transition in between each. Then maybe have more 'major' transitions via a big door that needs a key or something.

  • I was thinking load each adjacent room, but have that loader in one layout. Then unload those rooms when the player is more than 1 room away. NPCs can be loaded on transition like old-school games [seem to] do.

  • blekdar

    Yes I'm doing every area as a seperate layout. This is so I can make add new areas really quick and have the player go to a random area each time he leaves one.

    Right now I use this one. It has a little fade and only the camera only slides when you enter a new room.

    I just really want a bit of slide in the beginning so it feels like the rooms are actually connected.

    And I'm using a Wait event of 0.5 seconds before going to the next room, so I can change the speed of transition pretty easy with this

  • That looks pretty nice!

    What if you also add a character movement to the beginning of each layout as well? IMHO it looks a bit strange to be moving towards the next layout and see the character just standing there when the layout has loaded.

  • That is much better, looks like a good compromise. Also, I agree with DatapawWolf that something subtle like the character walking in the room would add a lot to the momentum. Also, I feel that maybe the slide into the level should be a little slower. Maybe it should cover a little less distance. Just a minor thing really, looking great otherwise.

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  • blekdar

    Yes I'm doing every area as a seperate layout. This is so I can make add new areas really quick and have the player go to a random area each time he leaves one.

    Just a quick thought, but what if you put them all in one layout separated by some space between them. Then, you could put a trigger at the end of each area that teleports the player and the camera to new coordinates which will be where the next area starts.

    It'd load faster than going to a new layout (of course with maybe a longer set up time in programming). I couldn't say how well it would work without testing it, but maybe set up a function (or use "choose" or something) to choose the coordinates for the next area randomly (from a list of each area's starting coordinates). It would probably also require events or enemies to appear/activate once you enter each new section. You may also need to set up blocks so you can't move or pan the camera past the borders of each area.

    Like I said, I couldn't say how well it would work without testing. I just thought I'd throw it out there.

  • DatapawWolf & blekdar

    Thanks, that was an awesome suggestion!, I added it immediately.

    That sounds like a really good idea performance whise, sadly I'm really bad at programming. Also the layouts I use are pretty small and don't have a lot of objects in them, so loading them goes pretty fast. Ofcourse It would go much faster with your idea. But right now I don't have the know-how for it.

    Here is the updated transition with the player automatically moving at the start.

  • Looks ballin'! Has a very Rogue Legacy feel especially with those flaming floaty skulls. Graphics are nice and simple to the eye. Still, I'd probably get rid of that slight screen shake when not hitting actual enemies. Otherwise breddy good and looking for more updates!

  • Derqs, looks excellent! Maybe you could add that same functionality when the player exits to a new layout as well? I noticed that in that GIF you posted, the character appears to hit a wall while the transition occurs. Instead, maybe you could continue that movement until they are outside of the player view?

    Otherwise, thumbs up! I am looking forward to more updates. :)

  • that pumpkin is going places.

    can the background be seamless though? I see a line in the pattern that's ticker than the others.

  • ^^^

    I noticed that too and for people with slight ocd Other than that, your game is simply amazing!

  • alvarop


    Yep, I don't really know why that is, I'm using a tiled background so sometimes suddenly some lines are thicker than others.


    I added the movement at the end of the layout too!, thanks for the suggestion. I also added some more traps, but still need to change the look of them a bit. The torches also got an animation update.

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