Middle Age Man Lander

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I entered my lander game in the Underground Jam at:

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/undergrou ... -2317?cp=2

    This is a prototype with 10 levels and an very unexciting ending. I would really appreciate you trying it out and letting me know if it is playable, too hard, too easy, too boring etc.

    All critical input welcome...really!

    Many thanks,

    Moostrodamus (Wayne)

  • played it is cool great job...

  • 10 levels you say! game's cool but a bit too difficult for me... im playing on a pc and keep exploding all the time. gotta say im not much of a player anyway. i love the expressiveness of the middle aged man in his tiny rocket...

  • I am working on some better instructions, like a kind of flight school for the first level...i really appreciate the input megalocrator.

    Some tips to try....

    1.try just flying straight up a bit by holding the "up" button for a second.

    2.Just "TAP" the right and left keys to rotate the ship in the direction you want to go.

    I think alot of people hold the controls down too longand it does get out of control pretty quick.

    ANYWAY...yep too hard...gonna do a better tutorial on the first level and hopefully more people will be able to play.

    Many thanks!

  • I think the controls are perfect, Did wish I knew about the green=no damage earlier.

    How did you get the high scores to work? I can't get it to work on mine. I keep finding old instructions.

  • Named a HighScore table on the arcade to MAML then referenced it like in the picture below in the program on my game over page.

    I had trouble finding the submit a score control until i put it under a "At start of layout"..Helpful ? (also sent pm of this).

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  • Nice, I love how you actualy feel like a space ship with the adjusters.

  • Thanks PerryCullo...i love simulation games, so it is all physics based.

  • So i redid the first level to make it a bit simpler I hope. Also added some BG images to show some of the controls. Let me know if you can make it to level 2. Many thanks!

  • tis actually pretty adicting! the bkg tutorials are cool too.

    call me a lightweight, but whattabout autorefuel it each level? :S

  • tis actually pretty adicting! the bkg tutorials are cool too.

    call me a lightweight, but whattabout autorefuel it each level? :S

    You know...i used to start each level with full fuel...kind think it is a challenge to have to remember to pick up fuel...

    I dont know yet...anybody else have an opinion on this?


    I redid level 2 to make it a bit more reasonable...took out blocks that you have to push over...will make that a feature later on, Fixed the fuel bar moving past full, have to fix the low fuel animation, after day job <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">.

    Anyway, yall see if you can make it to level three, trying to balance the game. Level 2 starts with full fuel, i have it set up so there is that option(auto refueling)...we shall see.

    Any and all input much appreciated


    Play here:

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/undergrou ... -2317?cp=2

  • I think it's a fun game from what I've played; I kept dying on level 2, but I plan on playing again and getting past it. If you have the time; you should check out my Underground game called "Clumsy Chris and The Cryptic Cave" and leave a comment telling me what you think of it. Thanks.

  • Update 1.4.1

    Fuels gauge shows red when at 1/4 tank. Level two shortened...just go up and left to land...level 3 shortened, up left down. Can anyone make it to level 4?

    What is the hardest parts of these levels?

    When and how do you die?

    Let me know...will try and make it more playable...many thanks


  • I just loved the initial idea and setting of the game. A middle aged man trying to escape his mother's basement was it? You could've implemented a opening "cutscene"(referencing to the original PS2 Max Payne) of him being fed up with his life, maybe seeing a commercial on TV that made him realize what possibilities there could be. Heroic? Everybody wants to save their own butt, right?

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