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  • Enter MEGAQÜEST, my first game ever, wip. A castlevanian platformer with a hint of rpg a la diablo, with myriads of cunning and relentless enemies, massive sandbox levels, items and skills (i'll call em lores tho), classes and subclasses, labyrinthine nested menus, an abtruse combat system, romance, npcs, minigames, cutscenes, you name it. Yeah, best videogame ever, its gonna be ;P

    Right. As for now what I have is a slightly enhanced clone of the snailstomper from the beginner's platforms tutorial, with a tileset and a couple of extra animations. Oh, and the aesthetics, yeah, simple and punchy, quite happy with it. No enemies yet (not even snails), im having some trouble using multiple instances. No title or gameover screens... wip, wip, wip.

    try it at h-t-t-p://megaquest(dot)bitballoon(dot)com

    and some sreenshooting

  • god bless you

  • Wow. Really liking where this is going.

    Think this would be better though with a smooth scrolling camera, scrolling seems a bit rigid right now.

  • Nice work!

  • thanks for the feedback guys.

    new version online with some orc's arses to kick (arrows for movement, space bar to attack). pretty rough bastards. or rather our hero sucks a bit, maybe. im struggling to implement a reasonable combat sytem. thing is that my orcs ar multi-sprited, you see, one sprite for the box, another for animations, and i even had to use a third one for the death animation. workflow is hell, trial-n-error mess, "for each"s everywhere... so if anybody knows a tutorial or anything relating to... multi-sprited npcs i guess, or similar, would be greatly appreciated :)

    Ethan er, i dunno what you mean, to be honest. sorry im quite new at this. "scroll to" the player innit :P what else could i try?

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  • Loving the look of this!

  • nice style.

    need a health bar and make the attack faster.

  • I love the art style. Keep it up!

  • Ethan er, i dunno what you mean, to be honest. sorry im quite new at this. "scroll to" the player innit what else could i try?

    Sorry, i just meant like maybe having the scroll speed ease in as it gets close to the player rather than be constant and suddenly stop. You can use lerp for that.

    lerp(screen position, player position, your scroll speed * dt)

    Nothing wrong with how you have it now though, just artistic preference.

  • I do like the art, but the controls are a total mess for now . Wasn't able to attack an ennemy at all (and the hit box are strange too). But it's looking good, keep it up !

  • Thanks everybody for your kind comments and interest!

    Glad that you guys like art. i was looking for something simple and fast, yet im naturally fussy about the visuals, so wanted it to look good too. i tried to consider a global aesthetic, rather than doing the "coolest sprite ever" for my hero, so everything looks coherent. I went a bit dogma: i kept the sprites nearly suprematistic, black and transparent and just tiny bits of white. no shading whatsoever. only after some deliverance i introduced a background as such, and as for now i resisted the temptation of adding a parallax layer... as for now.

    im not that happy with the death animations in general, and i may redo them. you cant get too horizontal here cos it will look weird if it happens near an edge or over a slopping solid (the supermario effect) so i was considering some gruesome, ghoulsngoblins-like way of dying, becoming a rotting corpse and collapsing in the spot, rather than actually lie... whatever.

    About the code, oh well. it is a mess indeed :S and im afraid the only way to fix it is start again with it really its an absolute disaster. iv been using an utterly inelegant empirical approach here: do that, check it, usually change it and star again. so i probably have tons of lines that are most likely superfluous or counteracted. id like to read me something about... families? groups of events? finite state machines? Any help or advice on coding issues will be most welcome...

    Ethan oh, no offence taken bro! im an absolute ignorant, and most of these settings are taken from the beginners tutorials. i'v found also a couple of them (tutos) about this lerp thing... and tweens, and slides, and lots of things i never knew existed. comments like yours point me on the way of learning new things and i appreciate that. ill hv a look, and if its not too complicated ill give it a try, but probably only after iv polished (yeah thats an euphemism) a bit the code that i have right now. that said, if you have any idea to improve anything else dont hesitate!

    Softloulou i know! sometimes the attack just doesnt trigger, or the animation is doesnt play properly, or it does but the creep get no damage... thats specially so with the last enemy, at the end of the cave, bottom-right, which is cunningly standing on a slope and subsequently nearly immortal, the bastard. as i said, a lot of work on coding ahead

  • Sometimes there are no enemies.

    I didnt even know there WERE enemies before some1 mentioned killing them was hard.

    After a few refreshes I finally was able to get enemies to spawn.

  • no enemies! aw shit thats new man. thery're in the layout, should load at least :/

    there were no baddies on the first version i uploaded... maybe you got it cached or anything? dunno if that makes even sense...

    anybody else same problem?

  • ok who gives a damn about the bloody code... here's some concept art (or promotional picture, whatever sounds more delirious) for y'all!

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