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  • The art style is really great, although the combat system still needs some tweaks though

  • I "think" you can fix the attack by adding a condition that you cannot attack while the attack animation is playing. So, where you have the code for pressing space to attack, add a condition that says something "animation attack is NOT playing." You will most likely need to invert it to get it to say not attacking.

    This will prevent people from being able to spam the button while he is attacking causing him to spazz out.

  • You clearly know a thing or two of the the color doctrine mate. I get March vibes lonly and hostile. Can you add to our planet Earth in the background. Somewhat overshadowed and small, no one needs to know

    Keep coding!

  • thanks again for all your comments. im currently trying to code it again, quite a shitty task for many things that worked so-so in the earlier version are just not working at all. other aspects are improving, hopefully, and also new never-heard-of issues arise here an there.

    the player attacks: iv implemented DrewMelton 's idea (cheers fella) which is an improvement, but the main problem is, i believe, related to the platform's behavior. the attack just dosnt trigger properly if you try to hit 'em immediately after a run. iv been playing with the "player---is moving" condition a bit but the results so far were disappointing.

    the battle mechanics goes thus: when u press [space] or touch a monster, attack animations are triggered. At certain point of the animation, the attacker spawns an invisible object that disappears within 0.5secs or so -- different objects for the player and the baddies. if the player touches the monster's spawned object gets hurt and vice versa... what do you think? is that a reasonable system?

    Monumental your words are somewhat mysterious to me ;P but thank you anyway!

  • Hmm, if you are still having issues with getting the attacks to work as they should, send me the code via a PM, and I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong. I had to deal with similar issues in my game before. I don't think spawning objects is necessary, but I'd have to see how you have it set up.

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  • I checked it out and I like the concept. What I feel you have to work a lot on is the feeling of impact. The main character is a huge chunk of meat, but I currently don't feel that's reflected in the gameplay. Have you tried adding camera shakes for successful hits for instance? I also miss the option to strike while moving. Maybe have faster hits when standing still, and slower and more imprecise when running? Could make for some interesting gameplay.

    The artstyle is cool, though I want more exaggeration in well, everything. Since he's a hulk-ish axe weilder he needs more weight when walking, he should charge his axe far up in the air before striking etc. Hope you get to adress it at one point.

    Keep it up!

  • ...alright! heres thes capx. yay i could hv uploaded it before, but its such a mess that im a bit ashamed of it

    this is for the version online. please mind this is my first project, and i worked it on the go, correcting (sort of) issues as i found them... so be indulgent And theres no groups of events, no families, no recognizable order at all... so be brave, too.

    Tinimations oh well, those improvements you point are, id say, a bit above the current state of the project... i mean, first ill try to get the pc doing properly the basic things and then... yeah, i though maybe the classic ground kick or something similar if you strike while running... well see. theres a bit of a shake when they hit you, i tried to shake it too when you hit them but then the combats where, hm, confusing. if i (or DrewMelton maybe ) fix the basic combat issues ill be able to experiment a bit more.

    then you very much for your interest and help, guys.

  • Cool, I'll give it a shot. I'm going to be drunk tonight, so if I pass out, I'll check it out tomorrow. Either way, I said I'd help, so I'll see if I can get the attacks sorted out.

    By the way, don't be ashamed of anything. I wouldn't expect anyone to be an expert until you've had lots of practice, and even then, we all need help tackling an issue that we've never dealt with before. I've asked for help numerous times as new problems arise.

  • Okay, I have made some changes and fixes.

    Compared to the original, you should find this VASTLY more playable. The attacks trigger better, and the enemies die better. The level is easily beatable but still challenging.

    Now, you will want to spend some time on this to further refine the combat system and improve the game. You can tweak the hitboxes or whatever you want from here on. I just wanted to fix a few things and get you started. Normally, I would spend a long time on this step, but I did what I could in 1 evening.


    1. Animation triggers were tweaked to not interfere with attacking. This means you can now attack while walking, jumping, or falling. I ended up just putting everything as a sub group under a condition that attack was not playing.

    2. I changed right and left buttons to be held rather than pressed. Before you could walk back wards if you held both buttons or pressed one while holding the other. I think this works better.

    3. I delayed the mirroring if you change direction while attacking so it attacks before turning. This is the way it was in the popular game "Rogue Legacy" which I have played quite a bit. Feel free to modify this if you do not like it. I thought it worked well for the game.

    4. I got tired of not knowing if something was getting hurt or not since there were no life bars. For testing and debugging, I added a number health bar to the player and each enemy will spawn one. This is just for testing and can be hidden or disabled in the final game.

    5. I moved the enemies HP to their body rather than their box. Mixing "for each" with enemies and hitboxes became a chore, so I changed it a bit.

    6. I added some groups and comments to organize things a bit. I did not fix everything though, so continue to organize things. This makes testing and debugging MUCH easier. Trust me.

    7. I removed all instances of the enemies' boxes, and put them in a container so each enemy will spawn a box of their own and destroy it as well.

    8. As a couple posters suggested, I added some subtle tweaks. I sped up the attack slightly (to 15), and I added a screen shake when you hit an enemy (triggers when the enemy gets hurt). This did not take very long really.

    9. I did various other little things like disabled some code that was bothering me. I have not fixed everything though.

    10. For some reason, the enemy on the far right at the bottom does not spawn for me. Everyone else does though. Maybe replace him or figure out what his deal is.

    In all honesty, I can't remember what all I did, but let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

  • boy this is awesome. god bless your hangovers! youll forever be remembered in some obscure credit screen somewhere.

    im gonna dig this very carefully. i dont quite get the event sheet page. groups and so. i mean, you do the actions for a (petit?) object A, then for an object B, then you decide to add some more actions to A and... and... and all the B crap is in the way so you cant get things tidy and neat and nice. whatever, ill read me some more tutos.

    seriously man im dead grateful

  • No problem!

    My advice from here on is to compare this to the original so you can learn from it. I want to make sure you can do this on your own so you can tweak it or add new features.

    Study some tutorials, follow some videos, and when you get a "specific" thing that you need to fix you can ask in the "how do I" section here.

    Learning how to organize your event sheet is a skill in itself. As the number of events grow, this becomes more and more important. Try to find a way to create groups, add comments, or organize events in a way that makes sense to you. If you get lazy here, prepare to spend twice as long debugging issues.

    Whenever you want to experiment or make major changes, save the game as a new version (v1, v2, v3, etc.). This way you can go back if you don't like it or mess it up. I also have needed to go back to old versions to look up something I changed or removed. I think I'm on like version 37 on my game now. I hope to get it posted within the next few weeks after I get the character models done. I've been focusing mostly on code. Since it's a turn-based strategy game, it's quite complex. I'm up to like 1,800 events already. You can catch a sneak peek in the Open Topic section in one of the 3d threads.

    Anyway, I can further explain anything I did if you do not understand what I did or why. It was good practice for me, so I didn't mind the work.

  • hey there family, new updated version online with DrewMelton -inspired mechanics, a beautifully organized code (youll gotta trust me in that one), a health bar and, above it all, more monsters to pulp! everything is subject to tweaking and so. by the way iv run out of events to use in my free edition (aye nobody told me bout that), it may take me some time to get me 80 quid to spend in, uh, recreational software. but man, its got so much potential...

    copy, paste, go:

  • It's cool. I noticed that the attacks have been slowed back down, and you can no longer attack while jumping or falling. Were these changes intentional? Just making sure.

  • hum, so so. yeah i limited the controls so you can only attack when standing. the slower attack wasnt intentional, i tweaked it a bit and polished couple of thing more. by the way i had a sneakest glimpse of your donjon crawler (yup that one with them godenaxe placeholders). looks promising, hope we get a thread when u declassify it i was considering using poser (for thats as far as my 3d lore goes) in some diffuse future project, maybe...

    hey fellas, youll probably hv to refresh a couple of times to get the actualizations happening... at least is happening to me, seemingly the thing gets cacheed and the browser keeps displaying the ole good known version until you shake it a bit. make sure you play the last version! its got healthbars and goblins and cyclops! cyclops, for fuck sake! do not miss em!

    right just to make it sure, thats what you should be viewing on start:

    as usual,

  • Oh man this is getting better every time!

    Love the Idle animation on the cyclops. The little goblins being scared it a nice detail too.

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