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  • PROJECT: MegaMan X Clone

    PURPOSE: One stop shop video tutorial series on creating a side scrolling shooter.

    TLDR: This is going to be a full blown MegaMan X clone, all for education purposes. I will be recording tutorials as I create this game piece by piece. Once the game is finished I will be uploading the videos to Youtube. I will also be making all the assets used and CAPX available for download. I know alot of people, specifically new users to Construct want to make a MegaMan X quality game. The information is out there, but it's currently fragmented into tons of forums posts, tutorials, and manuals. I plan to create a single video series that covers everything that you may want to do in a side scrolling shooter, all available in a single place, all assets, and all code ready and waiting for you.






    Run & Gun

    Charging Your Shot

    Wall Jump


    Camera Moves

    Pause Menu

    Enemies of differing varieties

    Boss Battles

    Inventory System

    Health System

    Saving & Loading

    XBOX Control Integration

    Gameover Screens

    Layout Transitions

    These are a few of the things my tutorials will cover and will expand as I work.







    Here I will be updating Screen Shots. The latest build of the game will be available below. This game is currently set up for the Xbox 360 controller and Keyboard input.


    XBOX CONTROLLER: D-PAD to Move, A to Jump, X to Shoot.

    KEYBOARD: Left, & Right Arrows to move, X to Shoot and Z to Jump.

    GAME: ... index.html

    Currently I'm hoping to get feed back on the controls. How they feel if they are to slow, clunky or don't match up to the actual MegaMan X.


    2/14/2015: Included the charge shot system. Adjusted movement speed and jump height. Fixed buggy control code.

  • The player feels to fast compared to the original.

    There's no shooting key on keyboard.

    Pretty sure someone already did a Mega Man X clone, but it's on their portfolio and not completely public.

  • The game works with and Xbox 360 Controller only. It is not keyboard compatible. A few things may work with keyboard, but not everything. I'll look into slowing him down a bit see if I can't match the movement better.

  • So due to the fact not everyone will have an Xbox 360 controller to plugin. I've now modified the controls to accept Keyboard and Xbox Controller Input. Which adds a nice bit to my Tutorials series about 'OR' blocks and supporting multiple inputs for games. So now the game should work as intended whether using a Keyboard or Xbox Controller. For a list of controls pleas see original post.

  • Yer link is broke.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing where this goes. I worked on a couple MMX engines in MMF2 way back when, and our current project in my signature has very similar mechanics. Definitely good learning material.

    By the way, all 3 SNES MMX games have slightly varying mechanics - basically X gets a little faster for each game, so player feedback on that will vary unless you specify which one you're going for.

    Also, good luck with wall sliding on moving platforms if you're using the platform behavior

  • 404

  • Somehow the folder got deleted T_T. Back up and working now, sorry about that.

  • The feel is getting close, just a few tweaks and you'll be there.

    I found the game pad just played the walk cycle animation, but the there was no movement.

    Moving over to the keyboard, the shooting seemed to be delayed quite a bit, making it feel quite unresponsive. The speed was also slightly fast for MMX1, but it's been a while since I've played it so I might be mistaken.

    Getting there! Keep it up!

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  • Next update will probably be incorporating the medium charge shot, dash, and wall jump.

  • -Run animation is missing frames

    -Jump/Fall animation is incorrect

    -No landing animation

    -Every animation has poor hotspot placement (you need to use same-size frames if you want to add armor layers anyway)

    -Wrong charging graphic (down-scaled MMX4 charging...? C'mon!)

    -Serious input delay

    -Charge shot does not have the full animation nor delay before firing (supposed to stick to his arm cannon for the first couple frames)

    -Can run backwards with a keyboard

    -Linear sampling?!

    Sorry but as an avid MMX fan and cranky old fart of a Construct dev, this needs a lot of work.

    (Just trying to help..!)

  • -Serious Input Delay: I'm not getting that on my end at all whether previewing in Construct or using the link provided. If you can give more details as to what input is delayed I'll look into it.

    -Hotspot: All the frames are the exact same size with the origins in the same spot. Maybe He is not dead center in every frame? I'll recheck in Photoshop to make sure he is dead center of every frame.

    -Run backwards- When I play MMX I can run backwards, so not sure why you shouldn't be able to with the keyboard.

    -Linear interpolation: I'm not really sure what you mean, could you clarify please.

    -Wrong Charge: I looked for awhile to find the proper graphic, but couldn't find it so used what I had. If you can find the proper charging sprite sheet then I'd be more than happy to swap it out.

    Everything Else: This is meant more as a learning tool for people who want to make side scrolling shooters in the same vein as MegmanX. The fact that an animation might not be 100% correct,or that a Jump and fall animation isn't the exact timing as the real game is not an issue to me.

    Thanks for all your input and I'll get to work on some of the issues you mentioned.

  • Looks great!

    I have a WIP game inspired on Megaman X and every now and then, found myself struggling with some minor bug. So I'll be looking forward to your project!


  • so, where is the tutorial? this demo feel great but there is no dash,walljump, ladder climbing. im working on a mega man x like game and got a good base for it so far with about everything but this one will much better

  • I've been busy with work so I haven't had the chance to work with it much lately. I do plan on getting back on it soon though. The whole thing is going to entail alot of work so I'm trying to refactor my goals on it. I'm probably just going to do the tutorial stage. To make an entire Megaman X clone would take to much time and work for a single person.

  • Hope you will continue, the complete tutorial with capx would be really useful.

    Thank you!

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