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  • Hello! I have been seeing a lot of mario recreations using construct 2. So I decided to have a go and try it for fun. The only thing that bugs me is that I can 't replicate the physics of the original game. On the other hand I keep seeing other people who are able to recreate it completely. I am here to ask for help from anyone who had already able to replicate the game, would be nice if a .capx was available so that I could read it.

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  • Hi YeetTol,

    the platform behavior settings depend on the 'dimensions' of your game.

    Means, You need to set up related to you games block & player size (64,128, ?).

    Take a look/try at mario1 -

    how high does mario jump (in blocks) and how fast did he return to the ground?

    Then create a stack of blocks and adjust 'jump strength', 'gravity' and 'max fall speed'* to get the same result

    *) set to a high value and reduce in the end

    Next do the same with the X-distance (max speed, accelleration, decelleration).

    You will see - it's simple an somtimes much fun to play with parameters like this ;)

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