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  • Hi everyone. First, We come from France, so our english is ... approximate. Please forgive us.

    We want to introduce MAMA the video game.

    Story :

    A simple woman is called to help an alien people while she goes shopping.

    Gameplay :

    It's a Metroidvania / Platformer game. Mama can evolve and explore this alien world. But she has to face classical platformer difficulties.

    Weapons :

    We want to make a very demanding game (like Super Goul and Ghost for instance) but the atmosphere must be fun. That's why our main character has a floor cloth as weapon.

    Atmosphere :

    We love retrogaming but we want to create a new style, something fresh. That's why our heroine is not conventional. She is not beautiful, not slim but she can save the world.

    All characters are designed like her. We are working on a die and retry game but the atmosphere is clearly "cartoon". If the gameplay is classical our universe will be very polished.

    Now, two ingame screenshots. I promess you we give to you more in few weeks.

    Please give us feedback! We will be happy to heard some advices.

    For more informations please visit our Website :

  • Looks nice! Might become a cult classic!

  • I don't know why but this brought The Day of the Tentacle instantly to my mind. MAMA looks good! I look forward to see it finished in the future

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  • Thanks Callan S. It a rough work, we are only two people.

    taistelusopuli, yes we love Day of the Tencacle! Thanks.

  • KnightStudio You are most welcome! I never finished Tentacle but want to before I die. It really is an amazing puzzle & riddle adventure.

  • Hi every one,

    a little art of mine about our main character :

    MAMA is coming and you will get a lot of fun.


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