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  • Hi there. I'm currently working on a "simple" Kids Activities game, intended to be used on tablets and smartphones.

    I'm Theming it as a farm and giving it simple activities.

    The idea was to have it finished for the C3 competition but life gets in the way.

    Either way I'm finishing it and making it a full fledged product soon.

    Here are Some Screen caps: (note some things will change when the product is finished)

    (all screens are work in progress)

    Main screen

    Shapes and colors - Fully randomized colors and shapess for increased re-playability

    Memory Card table with difficulty pick (also randomized and shuffled) I'm using the shadow-casting but I'm still trying to tweak it a bit.

    Still working on the illustrations for the third option which is a very basic coloring book with shapes and scenes depicting farm animals and the characters.

  • Good stuff Ragevortex. My youngest son would enjoy a game like this. Keep up the good work.

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  • Good stuff Ragevortex. My youngest son would enjoy a game like this. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you. I actually started it as a challenge to make a game my girl could play. It turns out eaves after the difficulty levels I implemented and all the random elements its still too easy for her... darn these kids get smarter every day. Good thing is the high-re-playability keeps her hooked for a while which is good It's meant for entertainment and some educative tid bits thrown in.

    Next steps are working on the sounds and refining the look and animations. I made it simple with no settings to change but eventually I may make a more advanced version.

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