Keyboard Defender : A Typing Shooter

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    This is my first project using Construct2 (and my first post on the forum).

    The idea isn't very new, but could be fun (imho): type the words to shoot UFOS and kill them before they kill you.

    These version contains one functional stage based on a brazilian portuguese dictionary or a us english one with simple and shorts words.

    The game could be played here:

    Press enter to begin and pause the game.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  • WOW. This game is fantastic, it brought back a lot of my nostalgic youth in school learning mario typing games, endless runner types. The faster you type, the faster you run, if you made a typo, your char trips over.

    Your mechanics are great and fluid, I believe if you polish the graphics a bit more, make the UI/score flashier (more pop!), it will be a favorite game for many a kids and even adults who want to practice typing.

  • Thanks, Silverforce.

    I didint'n know the Mario Type. It's fantatisc! (And gave me some ideas of game progression).

    I will try to polish the UI, as you pointed out and, as soon as possbile, publish a version 0.2 of the game.

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  • It seems to get confused when I type too quickly and it says I missed. And I'm pretty sure I didn't type every single quickly-typed word incorrectly.

    Otherwise, it feels like a great casual game.

  • fabianosalles that is a rather fun little game. What are your plans for it?

  • It seems to get confused when I type too quickly and it says I missed. And I'm pretty sure I didn't type every single quickly-typed word incorrectly.

    Otherwise, it feels like a great casual game.

    It seems indeed which there are some weird bug on the keyboard handling logic, but you have to type really fast for it shows up!

    I'm reviewing the "code" rigth now.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  • fabianosalles that is a rather fun little game. What are your plans for it?


    I'm really new to this game development think so, to be honest, the initial idea was just find my way out in the Construct2 with a small project I could successfully handle alone.

    I'm going to develop e 3 to 5 levels with one boss in each. After the game reach it's 1.0 version, I'm planning to publish it on my company's web site and, maybe, experiment some advertising strategy with in-game ads (but I still don't know if this is a good idea).

  • Nice work.

  • [attachment=0:3b546et9][/attachment:3b546et9]


    The version 0.2 of the project is done. Here is a list of the progress:

      1. The logic of keyboard handling was "rewritten" to get rid of some weird bugs, like was noticed and pointed by

      Thank you, man.

      2. The dictionary was expanded to about 500 words
      3. The aspect of screen was changed to 16:9
      4. Full screen and "windowed" options on main menu
      5. Graphics and animations changed to rasted vectors (to get rid of pixelization)
      6. UFO animation redone
      7. Added a boss to the 1st stage
      8. The boss spawn drones that shot you
      9. Some sounds added

    Wow! The project is taking much more work than I have thought but it keeps evolving!

    Hope you like it (any feedback would be much appreciated)

    The game can be played here:


  • Yay, now I can type ridiculously fast and still hit things! Good job

    (I don't type quite so fast when I have to type those long Portugese words, though. Those are hard.)

  • Hello.

    The project reached the version 0.3.7 and many improvements were done.

    I know listings are boring (specially the long ones), so I've uploaded a little video showing the gameply on you tube. Also, I published a list with all the versions of the game on my website so I can compare the progress anytime and maybe, blog about the development proccess in the future.

    The video can be viewed here:

    The last version of the game can be played here:

    And all the version can be found here:

    It was really cool be able to compare the last and the first version so easily.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • I think you have great potential here, definitely pursue it, develop more (add in stats checking and saving, ie. speed, accuracy, words that result in most errors, like a top player list for some fun competition etc), make it polished and beautiful. Have the options of replacing the sprites to cute-sy stuff that kids would love and parents would folk out $$ to buy for their kids to practice typing.

    Definitely lots of schools would be interested in it too.

    The reason i say this is your mechanics are awesome, really tight and everything just works flawless. With some help from professional artists you have an awesome overall educational game.

  • hah well that was fun ^^

    You seem to have made some great updates, I would recommend you to update your link with the newest in your first thread, else people might only take a glance at the thread and try your very first version.

    it would seem that typing challenge games appeal to me :3

    I would really like to see a change in font or something because i find it hard to see the difference between i and l in the middle of a word. It happened quite often that i saw a word, and thought it was two times l but instead "Il" and vice-verca.

  • Thanks very much

    The idea of making it more childish is interesting, I think it worth some experimenting.

    You have are right, I changed the font to a more readable one, worked on text contrast and create a indicator of what word is being typed and what is the next letter right below the stage time bar.

    By the way, I changed the 1st topic link to the latest version of the game and here is a coplete change list for it:

    New Features


    • New light fx on various stage items
    • New animations on collision
    • New Time Bar indicating the time left for the boss
    • New current word/next letter indicator
    • New sounds
    • New boss animation
    • English dictionary now have 4000 words
    • Portuguese dictionary now have 3500 words
    • New cool webfont for hud and items

    You can play it here:

    In the next release, the online score will be working and I'm thinking in some form of in-game user login and registration using ajax.

    Again, thank very much for the feedback folks!

  • This was very neat - you did a nice job and I could see getting students trying to learn typing into this (maybe as a break from Mavis Beacon).

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