Keyboard Defender : A Typing Shooter

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  • I still like it but but your game has two annoying features

    The space bar, when typing fuzzy logic, the space bar shouldn't be required. I didn't notice so all I saw was logic.

    You can't switch targets. I hit the letter "h" and the computer picked a ufo with long name, I couldn't seem to switch UFOs

    This game is great, although it needs difficulty levels as it is, it is too difficult for grade 1-4 kids.

  • i nearly lost at "dyslexia" - this coincidence. lol.

    great work tho!

  • I really agree that the game needs difficulty level option czar, but I was delaying it because I was wondering how to make it without break other game parts until I discovered the Javascript SDK and brought back sanity to the project!

    The space char is a problem, but I cannot ignore it because the words tend to grow to little phrases in the other levels. The HUD perhaps could show the next char expected somewhere...

    And the target switching problem can be solved by guaranteeing that no duplicate starting letter exists on the screen at the same time. I think it worth the try!

    Thanks again for the feedbak, man.

  • [quote:1u8fbh9m]i nearly lost at "dyslexia"


    I laughed loud here.


  • [quote:yrz4fuhj]This game is great, although it needs difficulty levels as it is, it is too difficult for grade 1-4 kids.

    Sure. Too hard for those kids.

    Nice game. I just suck at writing english. Too many fasts for me . Also I didn't get "-" to work for some reason.

  • This is a great game. I cannot wait to see where you take it.

  • This is pretty darn good.

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  • It's definately better than before. Enjoyable. But doesn't get any more difficult (or gets so slowly that I didn't notice.) In my humble opinion, I think istead of punishing the player with -5 points when he misses, it would be better to award him with combo points when he doesn't miss. Something like a combo bar that increases the score multiplier but resets when the player misses. Or combination of penalty and combo. Just 2 cents.

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