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  • I saw two videos you made, truly this game is getting very beautiful, you are talented, liked everything: character animation, shadow effect, combat, interface, I realize que When thing is worked alone, by only one person, can be somewhat tiring , but go ahead, this project is getting very well orchestrated.

  • sielxm3d Thanks! Working alone definitely makes it harder to stay focused because I would love to spend all day doing fancy animations or level graphics, but since I have so many things to do I have to balance my time. Of course, the upside is that I get to keep all the profits, and I get to make the game I want to work on. In the future, who knows, I'll see where things take me. I'll either stay solo or join up with a team. It just depends.

    This game has come a long way, and it's finally getting to the point where I am happy with it. A few more months of work, and I think it'll be ready for a release.

  • While I'm working on getting some stuff done for combining multiple rooms and working out the template and z-order sorting for that, I thought I'd ask for an opinion.

    I am trying the lighting without global illumination or any light that would shine on the outside walls. All the light comes from inside the building. I think it looks pretty cool, but I wanted to see what everyone thinks. The only downside is that the outside doors (bottom right corner) will be harder to see, but they will still highlight when moused over. Other than that, it does pop pretty well and give a nice immersive effect.

  • it's actually much more immersive with several rooms.

    I really like the graphics ... they remind me of baldur 's gate

  • Thanks! Baldur's Gate is definitely my main inspiration. I've even got a tool that will allow me to view the backgrounds and animations for study.

    I'll also need to figure out a way of doing fog of war that looks good. That's one reason I changed the lighting so the tops of the rooms are dark.

    I have no idea how Baldur's Gate did its fog of war. I thought I read somewhere that it was a 3d effect. I know it's based on line of sight, but it seems very advanced. I've done basic fog of war mechanics, but none to that level.

    I "should" be okay with z-order sorting in regards to the architecture. I organized the levels into small grids and sections that are easy to manage. I'll be doing the z-order tests tonight or tomorrow. The characters are already sorted, it's just the environments I need to do.

  • Heaps better with the extra room nearby! With a few rooms, obscured by FOW so players wont know whats in there until they enter.. great for atmosphere

  • hey Drew, it's looking great!

  • jobel Thanks! I hope your game is coming along too. I've haven't heard much since we last spoke.

    Anyway, today I'm going to be refining my environment tiles. The z-order sorting was working "okay" but still had some issues with walls not being behind or in front in certain spots. I am going to try some different size wall sections and see what works best.

  • WOw ! This Baldur's child already looks super amazing. That must be tons of work ! I'm sending you good mental vibes to help you find the force to make it until the end ! Or to find some help if it gets as serious as it looks like !

  • c13303 Thanks! This has definitely been a ton of work. Luckily, I feel like I have already gotten over the major hurdles. From here on out, maybe some tweaking and fine tuning, and maybe a bit of problem solving here and there, but I don't think there will be anything I can't handle.

    I think I have environment tiles that work finally. I hoped to get them done last night but a cold or sore throat made it hard to finish. Maybe I can get it done today if I feel better and have a new video up soon.

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  • Pillars of Eternity is also very similar to Baldur's Gate (RPG 2D isometric) and it seems to sell well with good review

  • Pillars of Eternity is also very similar to Baldur's Gate (RPG 2D isometric) and it seems to sell well with good review

    I've been tempted to pick that one up. It seemed cool.

    Also, the fact that they can release enhanced editions of these 15 year old games is a good sign that people still enjoy the old fashioned isometric genre. I have EE copies of both BG 1 and 2.

    Baldur's Gate II still ranks as one of my favorite games.

  • I haven't bought BG EE because I have the original one and with some mods the resultat is a little better than EE but it's a good thing that EE was release: it shows a good RPG at youngest players

    I'm curious to see your final version (and play it of course ^^)

  • Cool, I hope to get a demo out at some point, though it will be a while, if it's possible that is. Either way, most of my time from here on will be building levels or creating more enemies, so it will be much more fleshed out soon.

  • Fantastic work on the graphics! Great GUI with the readable, nice fonts and professional color choices. Clearly you have a strong illustration background and it shows on the screenshots. This will be greenlit on Steam really fast, just do a good trailer.

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