Hobohood - Survival game with 2.5D viewpoint (fake 3D)

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  • Hi! Finally we are working on our second game called Hobohood . But take it easy , this is a very early prototype version yet. The look is so simple and white, the buildings are small...

    This is working for us to test the basics mechanisms.

    In this video, Im simulating the "Bilboard vision" or a "2.5D" (3D fake) on Construct:

    I cant put URLs here. Please, copy and paste it "https://" in begining of this: youtu.be/Vj7BeLzKUmI

    --- Game High Concept ---

    Hobohood is a survival game about urban survival while being a homeless person. It's not an easy game just because it's not situated in the wilderness, though. The city is ruthless, providing a variety of dangers to the player.

    The concept of the game is simple. We want to provide an unforgiving environment with tons of possibilities and rewards to those who work hard for them.

    The Hobo

    The hobo is the protagonist of the game. He became a homeless person for some unknown reason. But he must face the elements of the city to survive. He will need food and water to survive, as he will need to stay cool when it's hot and stay warm when it's cold. He may get some disease if he's careless.

    We want to give the player opportunities to survive, so, for example, if the hobo is feeling hungry and has nothing to eat, he can either steal food from someone or he can try to get some honest money to pay for it. Each one with its own consequence and difficulty in the process. We want to make the whole game like this, not just with food. The player may choose whichever way he finds most suitable for him, if he's able to deal with the consequences.

    The City

    The city is procedurally generated, with its own districts, being equivalent to biomes in wilderness survival games. Each one has its own advantage and disadvantage, for example: if you set camp in a ghetto district, the authorities will leave you alone, but thugs will harm you and steal your stuff more often. Or you could choose to live in the sewers, where authorities and criminals don't dare to delve in, but where giant, aggressive rats and creatures live, not to mention the danger that are the disease-spreading fungi.

    --- ---

    Steam Greenlight:

    (Again copy http://) and paste steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379169832

    Our website:


  • cool idea...will there be a hunger and/or cold meter? can you die in the game.. if so do you respawn?

    seems like you will need some sort of range of ways to make money.. stealing or begging.. or you could play an instrument or something...or collect bottle returns... shine shoes..

    and also for food there's dumpster diving, trash night scouting, restaurant scraps, soup kitchens..

    the homeless in LA are relieved from the cold unlike a lot of homeless on the northeast coast.. but still sleeping in the cold is almost a death sentence...

    sounds like an interesting setting for the game...

  • I'm really curious how you implemented that 3D rotating, if you don't mind sharing. I wanted to make a Super Paper Mario template capx and this would be a good small reference.

  • I'm really curious how you implemented that 3D rotating, if you don't mind sharing. I wanted to make a Super Paper Mario template capx and this would be a good small reference.

    Looks like the ground is an object that's being rotated and the buildings are pinned to image points. Then just z-sort by Y value to put the character in front of or behind the buildings. It'll be interesting to hear from the author what was actually done.

  • fejaomaravilha You could use this if you wanted to add more fake 3D depth to your game. https://www.scirra.com/forum/technique-for-adding-depth-to-an-isometric-game_t169446

  • jobel We have a bunch of planned features and mechanics, actually everything you mentioned is already in our game design document. You can actually die in the game, it's going to be a big part of it actually. We're thinking about implementing some sort of permadeath, but not the cruel type where you don't get to keep anything upon death. We're thinking of a way to make it worth for the player to play more and more, some sort of encouraging permadeath, not a frustrating one. We have an in-depth interview with someone who was actually homeless for a while. He gave us a bunch of insight on what the experience would be like, and also lots of mechanic ideas.

    LaDestitute & roguecore thanks for interest, I will upload the capx file here.

    roguecore you are right, the objects are pinned and I just work with Z-order.

    Thanks guys

  • 3D fake capx file here:

    (Please, paste this here: https://) www.dropbox.com/s/dac0y72zm860ydv/prototipo_v0_3%20-%20up%20Sc%20for.zip?dl=0


  • Thank you, man, and good luck with your project, I'm eager to see more.

  • Thanks LaDestitute !

  • I got a thought for the permadeath. What ever Hobo A had could stay where s/he died. The player would then assume the control of another Hobo elsewhere in the city. This Hobo B could have a shot for A's stuff within a time before police/competitors/etc clean them away. This would be indicated with a timer for example. Food for thought!

  • Thanks for ideas

  • You are most welcome fejaomaravilha! Good luck with your production

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  • Really interesting theme! It'd be interesting if the point of play is to get to some point where you can get employment (with no references or contacts!) and rent a house - what would be brutal is the player has to get a certain number of materials for this and...it's random whether you get the job and rental. If the random roll fails, then the player has won the game but the homeless person stays homeless. Makes for a bitter ending (and potential replay value)

    Keep us updated, this is really interesting!

  • #Callan S thank you for your ideas.

    Excuse me for being absent these days. We are entering the new mechanical prototype to test and this is hard work We are keeping in mind that this should be a very good game .

    Guys, your ideas are very important to us. Anyone who wants to give an idea, please do .

  • Full link to your game

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    Pretty good idea it will take sometime to implement your features but it will be well worth it. Wish you good luck and if you run into problems just ask and someone will know the answer.

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