Grind Quest(RTS, RPG)

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  • The Game:

    I started this small project as a test to see how does the pathfinding behaviour work, since I usually build platformer styled games. Soon I added a main menu(it had a nice tunnel effect, but I removed it because it made all of the sprites to render incorrectly*), next I added a functional character creation system.

    The most interesting thing(atleast, to me) is the interaction system with the NPC's. Over the past few months there's been a lot to do for school, so I used Construct 2 mainly to test animations of random sprites I find on the internet and such. So, it's been a long time since I created anything that is even remotely complicated. It's very easily extendable. Basicaly, you add an event sheet for an NPC and then the only thing you need to do is:

    <NPC_name> is interacting <do_this>
    <else> <do_that>[/code:30zrnds3] 
    You can add all the other stuff in the NPC's event sheet, like random movement or approach the player. 
    There is also a day and night system. Everything is tinted with black from 18:00 to 06:00. It also gradually increases the opacity to make a nice transition effect.
    Some screenshots:
    [i]After clicking on an NPC we first move to it's location.[/i]
    [i]On arriving we start interacting. The signpost's code tells it to show it's info above itself, but we could've made it explode or anything else.[/i]
    [i]We march bravely to the next signpost.[/i]
    [i]The signpost tells the player how to pan the camera.[/i]
    I'm also posting the .capx file. If I update the game with anything major, I'll post it here, and you are free to do whatever you want with it. As I mentioned before I'm still in school and I create games purely for my own enjoyment and,  regardless of that, I have a lot of essays and tests to do in the coming weeks so I doubt I'll do much with it. It's better if I post it here, so someone can find some use in it then keeping it on my hardrive... alone... forgotten...    
    Here's the .capx:
    [attachment=0:30zrnds3][/attachment:30zrnds3] (Please note that I'm using Lofi's sprites and they aren't royalty free)
    *The 3D Tunnel Effect: [url][/url] (There are many other neat effects here too)
    I'll be glad to hear what you guys think.
    P.S: I forgot to mention that the options menu is disfunctional. Sorry.
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